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Vegetable glycerine tincture/eliquid experiment

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by AgentGreenn, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. So I've tried several different variations with vg(vegetable glycerine) and alot were not so great of turnouts my experiment last night was a quick extraction experiment

    So I took 1g of gorilla glue and added it to a 30ml glass dropper bottle added 10ml of vg I do want to mention I did not decarboxylate as for the temp I cooked at would effectively do it by itself I threw the mixture into the oven at 300 degrees which most would agree is playing with fire when it comes to THC boiling points etc but there is alot of controversy there because so many sources contradict what other sources say some say 319 is the boiling point others 379 some have even said higher so I said screw it threw it in at 300 for about 3 hours or so shaking in between of course

    Came out a beautiful darkkk amber the taste is absolutely fantastic prob the best tasting glycerine tincture I've made so far dident really try enough to determine if it was a success or if I just degraded potency by cooking so high for the duration I did but we will see I'll be posting pics of the finished material here shortly if the process worked efficiently I'll write up a proper instruction guide

    Always willing to accept help and criticism if you think I'm doing something wrong that could benefit my experiments by all means say what's on your mind haha
  2. I think if their was a VG based tincure it'd would be main stream by now.
    I use rdas alot. And a tank Atomizer wouldn't cut it if the tincuture was successful.
    VG tincures are mainly used to sweeten the oral flavor of extractions. And still take months to properly extract.

    It's not even surtain if the nicotine in elqiuds are absorbed by the lungs. Mainly nicotien is coating the throut and leaching into the blood.
  3. I also run an rda running my own fused Clapton's sublingual it does have effect not super strong but I can tell it's working
  4. The best way to make a VG tincture is to first make a Green Dragon tincture in 196 proof Everclear, reduce the tincture to a manageable size, then combine with your glycerine and evaporate the alcohol off very slowly using a double boiler. The best way to reduce degradation of THC is to make in larger batches. Glycerin tinctures are very sensitive to heat, and simply mixing hash and glycerin tincture together doesn't give the tincture a chance to break down the material and become as bioavailable as if you dissolved the hash in alcohol and then let the bonds transfer slowly as the alcohol evaporates. And again, you want to eliminate as much heat as possible, as THC vaporizes at 300, but still degrades at lower temps, and other cannabinoids and terpenes vaporize at much lower temps, some terpenes vaporizing at as low as 140 degrees.
  5. 400°f is when my table vape startest to combust herb. Usually vape at 350-380°f. From what I can remember. When does VG and pg and nicotiene vape? Or boil? Does my RDA go above 350°f?

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