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Vegeatable Oil/Weed Question...

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by DaBoss, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Would it be possible to just put some weed in a bowl or glass with a little vegetable oil and bake it at 350?

    and then possibly inject the finished product in to reeses peanut butter cups or some shit like that? or putting it into capsules
  2. yea why not

    THC disolves in fat, and veggie oil is pretty much liquid fat
  3. Use unsalted butter. Sautee buds on low heat until completly saturated. The THC will leave the buds and settle in the butter. Butter can then be used for any recipe butter is normally called for. The only down side is that edibles take more to get off. A good brownie or cookie recipe would have as much as an ounce of bud used and be good for four people to have a nice trip. Buzz is way more intense and last about twice as long. IMO Much Love.
  4. I think that it is more efficient then smoking if you do it the right way. If you want to make capsules then I suggest you get coconut oil (98% fat) and cook it in a crockpot between 220-250 F for 2-3 hours with finely grind up weed in it. Do 1 tablespoon of coconut oil for every 1.5 grams of bud
  5. I've heard of people using marijuana vegetable oil for making salad dressing and the such. Fairly certain it would work, but cannabutter would offer a more diverse ammount of option with what you use it for.
  6. There is a lot to do with oil. I prefer to use olive oil and make a bread dip. Mmmmm tasty.
  7. That sounds bomb. Bring it to the olive garden next time you go "Would you like some olive oil for your bread?" "No thanks, got my own. Could you cook my food with this though?" Would be hilarious, contaminate the grill with thc and get other patrons high. :hello:
  8. oil > butter
    it's alot cleaner and better for edibles. and tastes alot better
  9. bump... any other vegetable oil ideas?
  10. word. incredibly tasty treat
  11. so thisll work with like a joints worth of weed being baked in the vegetable oil in a toaster oven at 350? then i could do whatever way i wanted to ingest?
  12. well, it would probably be alot better to simmer it on the stove..
  13. :hello: :) :bongin:
  14. i pretty much have to bake it in my toaster oven.... im also wooried about smell too, i was thinkin of wrappin up watever i bake it in in tin foil
  15. ? no one has any other ideas of what to do with the vegetable oil after i bake it?
  16. i just made some beef lo mein and threw in 1/2 a cup of veg oil that i simmered for an hour. i used 3 grams of okay mids...ill let you guys know how it goes
  17. alot of brownie mix use veg oil in them. You can cook them in foil cupcake cups in a toaster oven, they make perfect servings too. But your going to want to use more then a joints worth of green for an entire box of mix, or you can use half the mix. I assume your in a dorm i remember having to do all that crap!

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