Vegas Strip, need help

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeramey, May 4, 2011.

  1. So I landed in Vegas Sunday night and did my best to find some herb all Monday and didn't have much luck. Anyone have any advice?
  2. u can pay 60/gram on the strip =P

    awesome business haha

  3. Yeah thats what I have heard and read. At this point just finding a fellow bud smoker would make my night.....I'm from Florida and not used to the Vegas atmosphere, not sure who to ask and who not to...
  4. ask party ppl cuz they generally arent cops lol. or strippers. or the guy that works at the hotel. or the guy that sells you booz
  5. Ask these guys. They know Vegas pretty well.

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  6. Ring the DEA
  7. oh you know what i heard about asking certain workers there can get you shit like that. ive heard stories about getting hooked up with an escort by the front end staff at hotels and shit.

    of course idk how true they are but im just saying...NV has mmj so it should be reasonably safe to ask someone...just ask someone you picture as a smoker or someone who doesnt seem like they'd rat you out or some weird crap.

    id imagine since they have mmj that the laws arent too strict (dont know for sure. just speculation)
  8. i smoked a blunt with someone i met at the same blackjack table at mgm, and have matched bowls with people i met at other casinos on other trips to vegas.

    it just seems to come up in conversations i have with people sitting at tables and drinking
  9. Thanks for the response guys. I am actually staying at the MGM so hopefully I can find some. I'll will let y'all know how it goes. Please continue to post with advice, I'll have my phone on me to check back in lol.
  10. Last time I was there,I was offered within the first 30 min of being there at McDonalds.
  11. just ask people on the strip man, who gives a fuck, its vegas after all! if u have to ask every motherfucker n they momma go head n do it
  12. Ask the valet...

    "Hey man, I was hoping to get a DANK ride, know someone?"

    Last time I was in Vegas, got hooked up with a limo from the hooter's hotel (didn't even stay there) to the strip club.. tipped the driver $10 and the valet $5... we were good to go.

    And btw, pre-game a bit..

    And if you want to go to club that's full of DTF people - XS nightclub - GO THERE!

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