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  1. i forgot all about these forums untill about 3 minutes ago, and i found it the same way i found it the first time :smoke: but anyways.. i was a little fluffy, not gonna lie, and out of shape, and just very unhealthy about a few months ago.then i read a few books, and talked to some people, and decided to go raw vegan (well 95%, i still love some cooked things.. but 100% vegan though) and i lost about 25 pounds the first month, which is all i needed to loose, and i gained so much energy, lost all my acne and i just feel over all very very healthy. it also gave me a new outlook on life, and i see nature as soo much more now. its like being in that philosical part of being stoned all the time:D but, i also started yoga, and running, and i love it all. the best part is my body just feels clean and my high feels so much more natural. there is nothing more amazing then getting stoned and drinking a green smoothie or munching on a kale leaf.:hippie: anyways i just felt like sharing that. oh and i can run over twice as far as i could before :cool:
  2. good work man. you didn't have to go vegan to do that, but still whatever got you to your current level can't be bad namean?
  3. Its really amazing what a difference your diet can make! Im an aspiring raw foodist i guess you would say but I dont like to label myself. I just enjoy eating healthy and I love how it feels. I joke to my friends that it makes me feel super human:p Its really cool how deep healthy eating can go. It really cleanses you physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  4. shit, all i know is i nearly got stabbed by a hardcore vegan chick...went fucking crazy when i wanted not to cuddle with her after sex....:smoke:
  5. Vegans, you say? More bacon for me.
  6. i had a speaker come through my public speaking class the other day, and he told us about his vegan lifestyle and how they kill animals and shit like that.. but he told us that becoming vegan is such a good lifestyle and you are always more healthy and you just feel better. i had thought about becoming vegan but its real hard cause bro, i love meat and chicken and all of that.. but i would actually love to become vegan real shit.
  7. I went vegetarian for a while, but I found the people around me made it difficult to maintain that lifestyle.

    But I moved out into my own place recently, and now being vegetarian is pretty easy. Just did some shopping at the farmers market, so just stocked up with:

    various peppers (bell, anaheim, and cayanne mostly)
    golden beats
    Sweet hot mustard

    and I always have a bunch of spices. I'm completly ok with dairy, my judge of whether something is good is whether something had to suffer for it. So whether that's sweat shop workers, or animals it makes a difference. I would eat ethically farmed meat, but I still prefer to leave a bit less of a negative impression on the world.

    Oh and your right about it making you feel better. It's cool. It makes you high.
  8. right on ! i think as long as you are one of the more privileged people on this earth , why not use as little resources as you have to? the only thing i really miss is fish...
  9. Propaganda. What he didn't tell you is how the vegans torture plants before boiling them and eating them :eek:
  10. Why is it that EVERY thread on Vegetarianism or Veganism has to be invaded by meat-eaters who do nothing but denigrate our lifestyle? Don't you have better things to do with your time like kill defenseless animals and eat them?

    Seriously, just ONCE I'd like to see a thread on Vegetarianism without all these know-it-alls who come in here and disrespect our choices.

    If you don't have something nice to say THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP.
  11. What I love about food with no meat in it is that it forces you t create more taste as you can't fall back on the juices of the meat. I made some crazy ass minestrone soup with chillis in it and all kinds of veg and it had pasta in it too, and mmhmm! that shit was tasty. Well-made vegetable dishes trump meat dishes imo. I'm a fan of meat but I love having the balance of veg and fruit and beans and other things.

  12. There was only like one post against veganism/vegetarianism man and im pretty sure it was posted in jest...I dont think know-it-all describes that at Im not sure anyones disrespecting your choices I actually was kinda surprised at the number of positive responses man
  13. That is a problem with a no-meat diet, flavor can be difficult to add, unless you are really into herbs and spices (and most urbanites that I've met aren't really).

    Myself, I'm into soy meats and other meat substitutes. I didn't give up eating meat because I didn't like it, on the contrary, it was a conscious decision to stop killing animals. Since I DO have the choice, I utilize it.

    I've been Lacto-Ovo vegetarian since 1988, I don't really consider it to be a health decision, more of a karma thing. But I respect other's diet choices, hell my wife is not a vegetarian, neither is my toddler. Now I won't cook meat for them (MOST of the time, but on rare occasions I've been known to do so, especially when they're sick), and since I cook 90% of our meals, they don't eat a lot of meat. BUT my wife has been getting a lot more meat lately thanks to the local food pantries, so she's been doing a lot more cooking.

    I make a MEAN vegetarian chili too, I posted it somewhere around here I think.

    I'm always looking for new ideas for vegetarian food too, we went to a cooking demonstration done by Chef Tanya of Native Foods (an entirely Vegan chain of restaurants) and it was really awesome, and we got several new ideas.

  14. Yeah, but there's always at least one, and then there's the usual piling on.

    Trust me, it'll happen.

  15. Ye, I am not a fan of the idea of farming animals and killing them...I actually think when I leave home I might become a vegetarian for that exact reason but in my household currently I eat with my mum and dad and my mum does the cooking and they are meat currently it is impractical. I know this doesn't anywhere near justify my continued eating of farmed meat but I dont earn a wage so I cant tell my mum to buy me completely separate ingredients as it would be pretty fuckin expensive. Next year though, next year I'm movin out so it's all gonna be sweet then.
  16. Vegan here too :wave:
    Smoke the mad blunts then get on that broccoli.
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    I always used to have so much guilt after really going to town and eating a big meal because I knew it was going to make me sluggish for the rest of the day, and I felt like I was eating so previldged and getting fat off of it, while others don't have enough.

    Eating a big vegan meal is the complete opposite. I put all those veggies that I got at the farmers market to good use and cooked up a big pot of bean and squash soup.

    Lol but I kinda got sick of the soup after the first day. Because all the individual flavors didn't meld together well. So for the next day I scooped a bunch of the beans, chick peas, lentils vegetable soup broth, cream, cheese, squash, broccoli, onions, garlic mixture that I called a soup, into another pot. Added some cumin, corriander, cayanne peppers, and curry and then cooked some macaroni, and it turned into some of the best curry I've ever had. I added some extra broccoli to the mix just for fun, but damn. That was good.

    Today I've decided to make some rice and reduce the soup into a different type of sauce. I'm going to be adding garlic, tomatoes, gram masala, ginger, a couple cadamon pods, some chili powder and not to forget cinnamon, see how that turns out.

    My guess is awesome.

    That's how I cook. just go spontaneously and learn how to tell what will work together, by past successes and failures. (as well as having been familiar with basic recipes).

    Edit: realized I had a lot of anaheim and bell peppers so i diced them and through them in the mix
  18. I was posting jokingly about the bacon joke, but chill the fuck out. Stop being all high and mighty, we kill defenseless animals and you kill defenseless plants.
    I'm fine with your choice to be vegan or vegetarian, I could care less honestly, as long as you don't constantly bother me in real life or whatever (which you won't because I don't know you). I'm not trying to disrespect you or anything.
  19. I'd like to make a point here. I have absolutely no problem if you, or anyone for that matter would like to kill a 'defenseless' animal and eat it.

    However, firstly, I don't know any animal, which you would like to eat, that is defenseless. One on one most animals, large or small will kick your ass. I don't care if that's a muskrat, a deer, a chicken whatever. They will cause you some serious pain. Sure you imagine that you could just kick it, and that'd be it, for something like a chicken, but these things are often easier said than done, and more often than not your little escapade on trying to actually kill a chicken one on one, would make you the joke of the day.

    But that brings me to my point, have you, mr. Johntm, ever ate anything that you have killed in your life? I'm guessing the answer is no. My guess is that you have only ate animals who are bread, raised, slaughtered, dressed, prepared and packaged for you.

    So you just plop down in front of your computer, come onto a thread about being a vegan, wine and bitch that some people think that this life of gratuitous wanton blood lust is wrong, and you, in your great wisdom find a way to snort out a big, "I can do what I want" as you throw half of your $2 hotdog in the garbage and then wash it down with a big gulp from 7'11.

    Yes, Johntm, you can do what you want. But let it not be said that someone didn't tell you that you don't have the foggiest clue what you want. Because if you did, you would be discussed by what you have been trained to believe are your wants right now.
  20. I was using what he said, that I kill defenseless animals in my spare time or something. I've never eaten anything I've killed, but I have family members who hunt a lot and I've eaten the deer they've killed. Any most animals aren't really defenseless, but like I said, whoever it was that I quoted said that we "kill defenseless animals" or something of the sort.

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