veganics with aeroponics?

Discussion in 'Aeroponics' started by growernaut89, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. i have recently purchaced a aeroponic rail system its 10 sites, now my question is can i still use my veganic feeding schedual with the aeroponics, or am i going to have to make changes in my feeding schedual in order for it to work. any info you guys can give would greatly be appreciated. im new to hydroponics but have had much sucess with soil veganics and would like to keep the veganics with the aeroponics but would like to know if its even possible befor i go and screw shit up, thanks
  2. This is a dumb question but veganics is a nutrient?
  3. Unless you are considering fogponics a form of aeroponics, you should be golden. Keep in mind though that the higher end systems with high pressure and a fine mist will probably clog enough to give you a full time job if you use organic nutes. Some disagree with that, but I will stand by it.
  4. ok so i had an idea on the matter. What i have done is used styro cups and using coco i have split the pot 2/3 for an innert medium (im using sunshine mix #4) and i used hydroton pelets on the bottom. Now i made sure to put holes in the cups so that aero setup would Wet the lower hydroton pelets. My plan is to feed benificial bacteria, complex sugar ect via soil to create strong colonies and run the aero setup on a timer with maybe liquid karma and tea mix or just balanced water the goal would be to split the root system. Ill try to put pics up soon to better explain.

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