Vegan Yummies?

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  1. I asked this in another post, but I thought I should put it out on it's own.

    Does anyone know of a way to make cana"butter" with out using butter. I am a vegan and would like to make some vegan yummies, but the butter, yuk.

    Would it be possible to use the method used for the oatmeal cookies, and instead of using butter use an oil, say olive oil, or a higher temp. oil like grapeseed oil?

    Any other ideas? Any other vegans with this issue?

  2. i would use vegetable oil or Canola oil. can be made the same way as butter.
  3. I've read that saturated fats work best for extracting THC, but you probably want to stay away from to much saturated fat. I would think you could offset this some by using more herb in a "good oil". I've made a couple of batches of cannabutter and the stronger the better. I don't like eating all that butter and sugar. I did cut the sugar by 50% using agave nectar for half the sugar.

    When you make your vegan goodies share the recipe.
  4. I make a bunch of yummies useing veg. oil. Don't use olive oil it does not have enough fat in it for the thc to grab a hold of. I usually use anywheres from and 8th to a half oz in about 1/3 cup of oil. You got to start out with a little bit more oil than what it calls for just and extra slash not to much. I heat up the oil till its warm not to hot, dump in the herb and stir and stir for about 45 minutes till it starts simmering for 15 minutes. Takes awhile and your house will smell like vaped herb, but i found this to work better than butter, butter can burn and all sorts of other things. then i strain it in a fine metal screen i have lets some of the herb through but i dont mind kinda gives it a stronger taste. hope this helps.
  5. So a fatty vegetable oil, that's great. Thanks for the help. I wonder if a non-hydrogenated margerine would work?

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