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  1. Hi guys. Just a random thread.
    Are any of you tokers out there vegan or vegetarian? If so for how long and why?
    If not what do you think about us who are?
    I was vegetarian for 3 1/2 years until i went vegan for another 1 1/2 now.
    This is why:
    Well i was in 7th grade at the time and i wasn't very informed bout the subject at all. But i was hearing a lot bout it at the time and once i thought bout it i said hey. Imma go vegan. That lasted like 2 days, often eating things like yogurt and then thinking "shit there's milk in that" hahah so i went just vegetarian. I got a lot more informed and really adapted to it. I was constantly being told its stupid, its unhealthy, where do i get ur protein, u wont last. I was even told that god put animals on the planet to eat. Which at the time again i was young so i kinda put it a said n said whatever. But as i became more informed i discovered the multitudes of foods with protein, a lot with more protein then meat. I discovered how healthy it really is and the many different ways taking meat out of your diet does for you. I also became aware of different benefits of vegetarianism and veganism such as benefiting the environment the public etc. i also did research on how poorly animals are treated in slaughter houses. It's not something a lot of people think of. People dont realize that there are more chickens in slaughterhouses than there are humans on planet earth. They don't realize that they are born to die. They're fed steroids and scrap so they get bigger faster. Cows are hung by there back hooves moving down a conveyer belt awaiting their death. Either by finally dying from being hung, or getting their head chopped off. I realized that i dont want to take part of this cruelty and i dont want to end up living from the age of 50 relying on pills to keep me alive. Sorry that kinda changed subject a bit and was really long

    "Some people feel the rain, others just get wet" ~Bob Marley
  2. I'm not vegan or a vegetarian but I grow a very impressive organic vegetable garden with my lady. You could just walk around and eat lunch. :)
    I hope you have an extensive garden when in season.
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    It's not for me, though I respect (most) people that are.
    Edit: I should correct myself. I respect the fact that vegetarians/vegans don't eat meat. However the smugness and superiority complex that many of them have is disgusting.
  4. I worked as a chef and I've always respected vegetarians as I love animals and been pretty active in trying to help them, but some vegans are so egotistical it's not funny... I understand organic foods and stuff but when they start protesting and throwing pigs blood on peoples shit it really makes me dislike them.

    Irritated when I'm not sedated.
  5. A girl I was into was a vegetarian and I'd always kid her about it. But she knew I was cool with it and that to some point I liked that she stood up for her beliefs.

    She'd get so pissed when I called her vegan hahaha
  6. Oh my GOD I know right!? I was vegetarian for about a month but switched back cause I was feeling sick. Many of my friends are vegetarians and they're so PRETENTIOUS about it!!! "Enjoying your heart disease?" They ask as I eat a pepperoni pizza. I have yet to meet a vegetarian / vegan that isn't like this.

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  7. It's ridiculous.
    I remember in high school I had a teacher that was a vegetarian and made it very known that she was. I raised my hand one day when she asked if anybody had any questions. I said "do you really think you are making a difference? I eat meat at least once a day". I felt like a dick and rightfully so. Seriously though, nobody can make much of a difference. I understand when people say the difference has to start with somebody, or that with that attitude nothing will change. However if there are millions of people that eat steak every day, then it will make no difference if you eat one a week. If you don't then there may be some meat that goes bad and is completely wasted. The supply is always greater than the demand.
    Also no offense to anybody, this is just my opinion after drinking a shitload of sailor jerry.
  8. I agree. I know that a lot of people do it for their own health though. I have a friend that could care less about the animals, hes vegan cause he's all about living longer.

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  9. As a life-long carnivore, I cant see myself ever going vegan. Were higher on the food chain, and we eat whats below us, just as most other mammals do. Do I care how an animal is killed before it enters my stomach? Hell no. Thats how things are. I DO care about the additives that are being pumped into my meat though, which is why I shop organic.
  10. I just love bacon , ham,  pork sausage , turkey , chicken, beef, fish. no vegi could make up for it.
  11. I can't imagine eating greens and fruits for the rest of my life.
  12. **IMO**
    As a race, we do enough harm to this world,.and everything in it. If steak wasn't so fucking delicious I would probably go that way...
    Fuck a salad.

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  13. I would be vegetarian as we aren't really supposed to be eating meat in the first place but damn I LOVE MY BACON!
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    Lately I've been on a strict diet. Everyday I have a fruit smoothie with added protein and I juice tons of Veggies with my new juicer in the evening and to be honest I've never felt better, ever. Other than the two drinks, I just eat eggs, nuts, beans, tuna, chicken breast and almond milk.
  15. I'm a vegetarian. I don't really talk about it or preach to people though. I don't care if people eat meat. What you eat is personal choice.
    In fact, one of my friends who I've known for 6 years, just realized I was a vegetarian a month ago. and I've been one as long as we've known each other. Lol...
  16. The animal being slaughtered, they live and die in a really brutal, fucked up way. Imagine if you were born into a prison and were beat time and time again only to be killed, your body dismembered and whatnot, sent to different store as food and such. We are a fucked up race. I see no wrong in eating meat, but out way of getting that meat is so fucked up. it makes me either want to take up hunting or become a vegetarian.
  17. Yeah, I agree. I recently watched some documentaries about food and it was actually called food Inc and I saw how cows were slaughtered and stuff and it was disgusting. They also grow up standing in like half a foot of their own shit.
  18. Yeah. There are many more documentaries like that. There is also one that is solely based on the abuse of the animals.

    I don't like those vegans and such that get all extreme about you being a piece of shit for eating meat, but if you actually say you don't care how the animal is treated and killed, then you are a really fucked up person.
    Eating meat is not wrong but abusing the animal until you inevitably kill it in a fucked up way is.
  19. I would rather go and hunt my meat than buy it from the store . just seems more natural both ways .
    Hit me up madam , you seem groovy .
  20. Its your choice. But me, i couldnt eat just fruit and salad forever. Bacon hamburgers steak and all that good shit ftw

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