veg with cfl, flower with hps?

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  1. would there be any difference instead of using a MH bulb for veg then swiitching to HPS for flower compared to using CFL'S for veg and then HPS for flower...there would be 2 seperate rooms...
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    Using MH for veg will get better results hand down. Some are reduced to CFLs because of space and heat issues created by MH. If you have the space and ventiliation, MH is the only choice. And of course, HPS is the ideal choice for flowering, given the same issues.
  3. okay maybe i should add some more info...the 2 spaces wouldnt be that big, flower room probobly a closet, and veg room prob half the size of the flower room, i plan on using the lst method, i never tried it before but looks very figure i would be flowering probobly 5-6 plants using a combo of HPS and CFL's and continously veggin at least 3 or 4 new plants under just CFL's because i do live in an apartment and dont want to set up any red flags...any body know any good inexpensinve generators or anything like that
  4. You gotta post this in the indoor section.
  5. Ok, sounds like MH or HPS would create too much heat for your space. The other option you have is to use CFLs. You can use 6,8, or even 10 without substantial heat issues, and accomplish what you want. It won't be as effective as HPS or MH, but will work. And as far as throwing up red flags, no worries. You can run 8-10 or more CFLs without any noticeable increase in energy usage. Ditch the generator idea though, that WILL throw up red flags.
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