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  1. hello GC, i have a question fot all of you, ok so i got a 4x4 tent with a 600 watt HPS, i have been in veg stage for 1 month and 1 week the reason why its because the guys from the hydro store told me to wait till my plants have reach a 2 foot to flower. My plants right now are about 15 inch...
    when i first started this grow i was just feating them floralicious plus by GH
    superthrive, and hygrozyme, seens this is my first grow i didn't know how tall the should of been. so i told the hydro guys what i was feating them n they told me i needed a base so they gave me the grow big by foxfarm. what do u guys think ?? should i just flower this week ?
  2. id say flower them, some people even flower them when they are less than 2 ft.

    i love your sig btw +rep, hahaha
  3. Usually those tents are 6.5' or so tall. Give room for pots and the distance of your light, and you're down to 4.5' of actual plant space.

    I'd say 2ft is as tall as you would want to get with an indica dominant plant, less so for a sativa. You could also look into topping the plant to prevent it from getting out of control height wise. A quick search on the forums should point you in the right direction. Good luck.
  4. They'll also pop up quite a bit in the first couple weeks of flowering...
  5. Arvin, the doctor is correct. Cannabis plants stretch a lot in early flower. Doubling in height is common. I would switch to 12/12 now.

    I use Grow Big, along with Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom, the Fox Farm trio of nutrients. Grow Big is for vegetative growth, Tiger Bloom is for flowering and Big Bloom is for both. Fox Farm has a hydro feeding schedule on their web site. I generally work up to half or three quarter strength, except for Big Bloom. I go full bore on the Big Bloom. It's completely organic, contains only micro nutrients, and won't burn your plants.

    Mind you, I don't do hydro. I grow in a soilless medium, coco. But that's close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades.

  6. Are those three all you use? Are you satisfied with the Fox Farm trio? I'm trying to decide which nutes to use for my next grow. FF? GH? DM? hmmmm....:smoking::smoking:
  7. I also use Botanicare's Cal-Mag Plus, and in coco I use a lot of it. Coco has calcium issues.

    I am satisfied, but it's all I know, so I am not in a position to compare them with other products. I started in soil and I went with Fox Farm because that was what I observed some accomplished soil growers using. Since then, I've switched to coco, but I stayed with the Fox Farm nutes because I had them at hand and my coco mentor was already using Fox Farm nutes with coco.
  8. okay cool cool. I use Cal-Mag as well with my Sensi Bloom. Does wonders...
  9. thanks for all the help GS
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    my grow at 2 weeks
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    Your grow at 2 weeks. :D

    Your plants look great!
  12. thanks man i been trying to post my vids but no luck can u let me know how
  13. 1 and 1/2 feet and up you can flower aslong as they are healthy before doing the transition stage put it in a 72 hour dark period and give it bud blood the frisrt two weeks .:)

  14. Whoa...what does the 72 hrs of dark do?

  15. Stress them. I though you weren't supposed to do that till harvest? Its debated that the 72 hour dark period before harvest produces more resin.

  16. That makes more sense to me...
  17. really 72 i never heard that b 4... i have another question if you guys can help me, like i said i have a 4x4 tent and im going to flower but there is a couple wholes that i need to block, so the light dosent get in. but if i block everything how is air going to get in there, like fresh air ???
  18. there should be intake flaps near base mesh with cover over it,From looks of your pics i'd go to a larger pot and try to fill up that flooor space with more plant
  19. well that was like 2 weeks old ... now they r 20 inch each of them, i just hope the light from the intake wount disrepute the night cycle will see ...:confused:

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