Veg to Flower Transition????

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  1. Could anyone answer me why my neighbor's plants are in Flower and mine is still in Veg? If either one of us get's more sun it's him. Granted I believe his are Sativa and mine are indica. I'm just curious. He's literally across the street.
  2. If he's not covering them then it's because he's growing different strains than you. Clones also trigger earlier.
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  3. Ok, I don't believe he's covering them. He is growing Sativa Clones where I'm growing Indica clones.(I'm pretty positive on that at least. He's got 7 leaves where I have 5 per "branch".
  4. Does anyone have an idea for me to trick my one single plant to go into VEG immediately? I've got 30 days to be out of my place, so I'd like to harvest before that if possible.
  5. There's a PGR called ethephon that induces flowering and suppresses the hermie gene. Optic Foliar Switch is the name. Couple other side effects though. It shortens height and increases short internodal growth. Suppose to increase yield too. They use ethephon for fruit at the market to accelerate ripening. Has diff effects on diff plants. No idea about toxicity but research says it occurs naturally in plants
  6. I'm not sure what you mean by this part. Currently I have one plant that is 3ft tall and has a very decent amount of cola sites on it. Plenty of "branches". It's white widow so I'd love to get a harvest on it before I move(I'm being evicted cuz I scared my landlord by yelling at him).
  7. If you're down and have the time then just do light dep. It'll flower way faster and you'll end up with a cleaner bigger yield. Moths and caterpillars attack like crazy and night.
  8. It'll pretty much stay short instead of stretching between the nodes aka branches/stems. The flowers will be even more compact. Some like this some dont.
    Leaf count doesn't determine if something is sativa or indica. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the opposite. You might have the Sativa and he prob has the indicas. They have chubby leaves. Sativa have skinny leaves kinda like on the Dr Dre Chronic album
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