Veg-to-Flower Intensity Contrast/Change?

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  1. I am curious what people think about not only changing color spectrum but intensity when shifting from veg to flower. I am not sure why this was something I read a long time ago, maybe it was because the plants need more light during flowering or maybe it was the actual shock of more light making the plant flower faster. I read this before LEDs hit the market, and it seemed like the way to go was MH for veg and HPS for flowering due to the spectrum difference however in general HPS watt for watt seemed to produce more par than a MH? Then there was the people who swore by vegging under fluorescent then changing to either MH or HPS for flowering (both are much more intense than fluorescent).

    What are all of your thoughts? Does intensity change help the plant? If it adapted to grow well under lower par then suddenly that is increased can this give a boost?
  2. Some guys are using arduino and LEDs to simulate light intensity levels that you would see in nature; so softer light in the morning, growing in intensity during the plants day and falling off at night. They also add specific wavelengths to the grow in the UV and IR range, far red initiators are popular these days too. In addition to that they can control the entire grow cycle so maybe only needing 15 watts/sq' during early veg, pumping it up to 30 during main veg and then to 50 for flower and then back down to 30 for flush and finish. Which coupled with spectral control allows going from 5000K then to 3500K during flower and down to 2700 for finish. It is getting pretty darn cool with what you can do.
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  3. Intensity is a big factor. But there reachea a certain point where its just wasted light and power. Id rather try aiming for mass penetration at many angles to illuminate the plant as much as possible on the leaf surfaces.

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