Veg still or flower?

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  1. Specs:
    600w virtual sun
    Intake fans: 240w
    Fox farm ocean forest soil
    Fox farm trio nutrients
    5 gallon pots with (5) plants

    Whats up just trying to figure out when to switch to flower without going rootbound but with the best yield possible. (Hoping a pound)

    My plants are almost 6 weeks old and they are around 1 foot and 4inches. Im growing Afghan x Skunk (green crack 80% indica). Hoping for 5 foot plants so i can achieve a pound but should i switch now to flower to prevent rootbound or keep vegging. My roots are already by the holes at the bottom of each plant and they are sticking out a bit also.

    So keep vegging for a bigger yield and risk rootbound or switch to flower?
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  3. I think a pound is pretty optimistic, maybe if you successfully scrog but things look pretty tight in there. Because you have so many plants in such a small area, I'd switch to flower pretty darn soon. Otherwise you'll have a real jungle in there. They look pretty healthy though.
  4. This is my first grow just trying to get the most out of it. Pound is what im trying for. I was hoping it be a jungle of bud lol

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  5. Ok, well a jungle isn't always good. Basically you'll have plants blocking light from neighboring plants so the mid and lower buds don't develop. That's why people scrog (me included), so they can maximize the space they have to work with. What is your floorspace dimensions? Looks like 3x3 or 2x3.
  6. Ya some of the plants on some spots have baby leaves and then big fan leaves over them. I got a 4x4 tent. It looks small because the plants are cramped together so the light can be as close as possible with all plants receiving light.

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  7. Well, here's my 2 cents if you're really pushing for a pound. Move your ventilation to an upper hole so your plants can be spread evenly around the 4x4 space. Then set up a scrog after you veg for another while. Maybe even top them once then veg em another few weeks then set up the scrog. Here's a link to my 5x5 scrog where I pulled somewhere around a pound or probs more. I didn't weigh but I got 20 quart jars full of trimmed and dried bud.

    Mars 1600 LED, 5x5 tent, 4 plants

    Also read this site to learn about scrogs. You do what you want, it's looking good now but if you want a pound I think you'll want to spread them out.

    LBH's Famous ScrOG Tutorial | Grow Weed Easy

    Happy growing.
  8. I own a scrog dog thing i bought off ebay. Its 3x3 feet. Just didnt think i would be able to work with it because i have 5 plants.

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  9. The screen doesn't care but ya, it'd be tight. You can work the branches from above and feed and water with a funnel and hose, that's how I do it. Maybe just have the four place further in the corners or something. Either way, my advice is to get those girls spread out. Even if you don't scrog. Something to thing about anyway.
  10. By growing them naturally like this. You think 10oz is reasonable yield

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  11. Oh ya, and consider getting bigger pots. I grew mine in that link in 7 gallon fabric pots. People grow a pound off of one plant but those are big plants.
  12. I'm not a great judge of the yield stuff but sure, if you spread them out to let light get to them. They get a good bit bigger during flower, I just can't imagine them being that close through the whole thing.

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