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  1. Hi, currently 1 1/2 week into my veg cycle. I have SensiBloom A&B & Big Bud nutes ready to use for week 1-6 flowering stage. I like and support Advanced Nutrients and would like to stick to strictly their line, what nutrients should I start using? And should I start out by diluting the recommended amount?

    Thank you GC

  2. Your best bet for veg is to use a mixture of both the A & B. Neither one alone will provide sufficient levels of both N & P. You'll end up with a little more K than vegging plants need but there's no way around that when only using those nutrients.

    Try using the recommended concentration every other watering and adjust if necessary. I haven't used those particular products myself, so if someone who has suggests a different concentration, go with it.

  3. Thanks for the reply, my question was what nutrients could I use during it, not if I could use the ones I already have. If you don't use AN for your veg nutes, what would you recommend?

    Thank uou
  4. For vegging plants to be flowered, nearly all of my nutrients are mixed into the soil. About 25% Worm Castings with 2 heaping cups of Bone meal &/or high-P Guano per bag of base soil. 1-2 cups of Kelp Meal can be added but I personally prefer to manually use Maxicrop for seaweed ferts. It always supplies plenty of food for more than a month of growth.

    With manual vegging fertilizations like for mother plants, I'll use a tea made from one or more of: Bone meal, high-P Guano, high-N Guano, Maxicrop that comes out to a ratio around 5-5-2

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