Veg stage and lighting (auto)

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  1. Hello everyone.
    im about to grow my 1st autos and what i know is autos managed to flower after X weeks, so my question is does it really matters to put the lights on 18/6 during the veg stage? cuz i know that you put the lights on 18 hours to not make it flower.

    nwe grower
  2. for autos id suggest you keep the lights on 24/0 thru the whole grow.
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  3. even in flowering stage? :/
  4. yeah autoflowering plants dont care about when the lights go off and on like a photoperiod one does.
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  5. i see :/
    well thanks man
  6. The longer the lights are on, the more energy the plants receive, and the larger the yield, within reason. Most auto growers probably use 20-4, a lot 24-0, and a few 18-6.
    My opinion is that the only reason not to use 24-0 is if the plants are getting heat or nute stress.
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  7. they dont need rest? they're not humans i know but don't you think i should give them some darkness?
  8. I just grew my first Autos and Im going to go ahead and agree with this statement. Here is my first Auto/Cocoa Grow of some Amnesia Haze Automatic from Nirvana Seeds on a full 24/0 light cycle, however I do keep only my Veg switches on during the Veg stage obviously, then switch the bloom on as well once I see flowers and I think the plant can handle it. They are now about 2 weeks out from Harvest and I hit them with some AN Flawless Finish today, so far so good. I have some Lemon OG Auto from Seedsman Seeds that are also going to be on a full 24 as well. It seems to be the best way to go for Ruderalis Genotypes.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. God bless your girls:judgekneel: looking sexy, how old are they?
  10. I know people say 24/0 is where its at, but my experience has shown faster growth with a dark period. I run 19/5 the whole run and rarely get less than 4oz per plant.
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  11. Alright ppl thanks for everyone who shared his experience with autos, im definitely not going to put them under 12/12.
    happy grow everyone. :Love-Plant:
  12. 24/0 is best for the plants. 20/4 is best for the grower. Long debated google cannabis c3 plant. Needs no darkness. You get more from an underpowered light 24/0. If you have a big light 20/4 can cool things off for a while and give you a break. In summer mine goes off noon to 4 pm. Winter it keeps me warm 24/0. Light is everything to an auto.

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