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  1. My g/f and I live in a 3 bedroom house its not that big but one of the bedrooms has 5 x5 closet that used to be a walk in freezer, this is where i started my grow. This is my problem I have this bedroom that is unused so I wanted to turn half of it into a veg room to start my plants. My local grow shop has some 5 mil white and black poly like the stuff thats in grow tents what would be the best way to separate the room into halves? And attach it to the ceiling and walls? help is much needed:confused::confused:
  2. Get some 2"x2"s at Home Depot and frame a wall to divide the spaces. Get a hand stapler to fasten the Panda film to the framing. Leave a wide enough space in the framing to allow for a door/entry into and out of the room. Use screws and cut the framework tight to the walls/ceiling/floor so you do minimal damage to the house. If you can get a stud finder, a few selectively placed screws will hold everything in place.

    Home Depot also has some zippered door gizmos that are made for temporary access in plastic walls, but they are prone to light leaks, so you need to duct tape an additional flap over the zipper.
  3. What is your fiscal situation? If you can afford it. You should build a frame out of 2X4 boards. This will allow you someway of stapling the film to. You will also be able to put the film on both sides of the boards ensuring no light leak.

    A much cleaner route would be a seperate grow tent or something.
  4. Yeah I thought about the grow tent and the size that I would need cost too much so I think framing and attaching the poly to that is a better idea, bc 6 2x4s is 12 bucks and the poly will be like 40. My local grow shop has one of those zipper anywhere so that one might work better with the light leaks.
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