Veg Lights for Flowering?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Smitty619, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I have 3 sunblaze 21's, 120w of CFL's and a sunblaze 48. 2 of the sunblaze 21's have flowering lights and all 2/7 of my CFL's are red spectrum for flowering. The rest are veg lights, and I won't be able to afford 4 new lights or even one for my sunblaze 48. My plants are flowering at the moment, and I heard there's not too much of a prob flowering under veg lights. I couldn't find anything about the topic on google or grasscity / other sites. Any answers for me? What are the cons of growing with veg lights during flowering? 53k lumens total, only about 6000 lumens out of then 53000 of them are red spectrum
  2. no idea i am am the same boat thou flowering a few plants under veg lights hope it works out for us ill be watching to see what the others have to say about it
  3. hey guys you'll be fine just flowering with veg lights. it may not be desirable but do able.every thing you have read is correct about having no problems. results might not be as good if you were runnin correct bulbs.but it'll still do the trick peace:smoke:

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