veg growth : clone showing pre-flowers?

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    ok so for my first grow i flowerd 6 plants and i took 2 females out of the 6 plants. the rest were hermi or male. out of those 2 females i took clones from one.

    it took a while for the clones to root but now i'm in about the 2nd week of having the clones in soil. i femmed one of the clones and i LSTed it too.

    the clones, since they were taken with in the first week of the mother showing sex. they had pre-flowers and hairs and such on them.

    the new growth of these clones continue to produce pre-flowers. though it is growing as in vegetative state it is still producing pre-flowers at each lower node. the pre-flowers that were on the clones from when i first cut, are opening up like they are turning into!!? is this a good thing, a bad thing that the vegetative growth is creating pre-flowers?

    what do i think of it!!!

    check my grow journal for pictures of full set up and progress.

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