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    I originally posted this in absolute beginners, but I realized it may be better in the grow room setup..

    I am trying to make a small 1 plant stealth perpetual grow.. My original plan was to create something stealth out of a dresser (2x2x4) however my girlfriend has changed her mind and says that she doesnt want to have something that "big" in our house.. I have finally convinced her to let me do a SCRoG PC grow, however I want to setup something that is perpetual.. This is going to be my first grow, so I was thinking NL, but I need some help from everyone. I was wondering what everyone thought, and if this scenario would work...

    This is the details, you can skip to next section where i summarize it
    Have NL vegging in pc case. Let veg for 2 weeks, then switch to flowering. At 2 weeks into flowering, take a clone. Put the clone in another pc case and allow to root (roughly 2 weeks). That would put the clone ready to veg, and the flowering plant in flower for 4 weeks. I switch the clone to veg, and then it would veg for 2 weeks, and the flowering plant would flower for 2 more weeks. That would put the vegging plant at 2 weeks veg, and the flowering plant at 6 weeks flowering. I would then harvest the flowering plant, and start to flower the vegging plant. I now let the new flowering plant flower for 2 weeks, then start this process over and over..

    So basically I would have a plant from starting veg to harvesting at 8 weeks. (2 week veg, 6 week flower). In a pc case taht wouldnt be that much harvest, however I only use between an eighth and a quarter ounce a month for my medical condition so taht would be perfect for me. Does anyone have an idea how to make this use the least amount of space? Would 2 seperate computer cases work the best, or would there by a way to section off the pc case to use 1 like the picture attached. That way I can have clone+veg in the small section on the left, and flower in SCRoG on the right.

    Sorry for the long writing, just trying to be as detailed as possible (even though my process was confusing).. And pic belongs to Mogi from his PC grow thread. Also, the pc wouldnt be exactly like Mogi's, but it would be seperated like that, but using a Full ATX case, not a regular ATX case.

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  2. not possible with one plant... however... if you have two plant spaces its possible...

    one space for flowering

    and another space(can be smaller) that will double as a cloner area and a veg area

    take the clones from the plant in the veg area as soon as you want to flower... throw this in a aero cloner for about two weeks(roots will show) then veg the plants in that space till the plants in the flower are done...

    rinse and repeat

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