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  1. When exactly do you count the 1st day of veg.
  2. I have been told the day they it breaks surface bub

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  3. Ive heard that and when they 1st get their first set of true leaves. Ive even heard when the little yellow leaves die.
  4. When it pops out of the ground.
  5. Hell yea that puts me further along than i thought
  6. Lol it puts you no further along than you thought. You don't veg for a specific time period you veg until they reach the appropriate size for your grow area.
  7. When your plants are in the veg cycle, counting the days or weeks isn't an issue. It's primarily when you start to flower your plant that you want to keep up with the weeks it's been flowering. We put a stake in each pot the day it goes into the flower room with that date on it. It generally takes around 7-10 days for the plant to transition from veg to putting on buds, and then you start counting once you see the plant has good overall budding, for the desired flowering time length. But the point of the veg cycle is just to grow your plants to a size that is large enough overall to flower them. We run a 10 week flower cycle and during that 10 weeks, I take clones and grow them to the size they need to be to refill the flower room when I harvest. But don't worry about keeping up with the actual days your plants are in veg. No point. TWW
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  8. Well im in a 48x48x80 how tall do i want em its strawberry cough and 1 ak 47. 1200watts of light 20170501_152335_HDR.jpg
  9. Today makes day 1 of week 5
  10. Oh I would flip those if it was me but I don't like My tent too packed. They look absolutely stunning.
  11. They are bulky now i got 3 more days till i take 20% of their fan leaves off i clipped em about 3 days ago and got a way more level cola setup.
  12. Dude... don't be taking leaves off.
  13. Yea some dont like to defoliate but shocking the plant a little boosts it growth
  14. Thats 3 days ago
  15. You plan on flipping them soon right?
  16. Nah im after yeild i want em 2to 2 1/2 ft before i flip
  17. Shooting for 1000 grams total
  18. Lol k when do the other plants, lights and tents show up?
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  19. maybe he talking wet weight haha

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