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  1. Anyone ever work for this company? I went to the first day of training, thought it was kind of sketchy, You don't get payed for training, and seeing as half the people who showed up for an interview got the job, they don't really ask you real interview questions like the basic tell me about yourself and such, and didn't say a thing about DT. Seeing all this when i got home I searched them on google and found out everyone says its a scam company. Was just wondering if Anyone's run into em or had any good/bad stories about them?.
  2. Back in 2008 I saw an ad from them on career builder for a "sales" position. Called them up and they weren't talking to me like all of the other employers were so my spidey senses immediatley started tingling and I moved on.

  3. SCAM! My husband had a job interview with them right after college, left half way in the middle.
  4. It's a job selling Cutco knives, and you have to use your own funds to pay at the start. I declined an interview, but know one guy who is doing pretty well, if you are good at selling.

    It's horrible how they prey on students- you see ads in the paper and on campus targeting students saying "15 dollars/hour, no experience," and they don't tell you what the job is until you've signed on
  5. yea dude its a scam cause u end up doin a shitload of work and your pay doesnt reflect the hours u put in

    one of my friends sold knives last summer and made some money, but for the most part he hated it cause there was way too much bullshit involved, like 8am calls from managers and filling out tons of paperwork

    u can make good money from it tho so if ur a good sales person and u dont have a job id give it a shot
  6. they always send me stuff in the mail. they have a office thing in macon but ive never thought about goin
  7. Total scam. I've had a couple training classes with them, I took off when they told me I'd need to pay $150 deposit upfront.
  8. I remember i interviewed with them some years ago. Dont do it, After the interview i never went back. They wanted me to sell knives and shit, and i had to buy them and hustle them. Fuck that!!!!
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    I just had an interview there like a month ago and......fuck them. I sat in there for 4 hours listening to them talk and shit and I just realized its not worth it. Some people make a lot of money doing it but most people just waste their time. Id find a real job thats a pyramid sceme.
  10. i went there before. one day to do the interview. and then two days of training. i had one more day to train but i said fuck it and didnt go cause i thought the job was not only sketchy as shit but i would hate to be a salesman and having to go to peoples houses and act all nice and fake.

    now im a production supervisor at a circuit board company. boom bing bang!

  11. ^this exactly. i almost signed up for it but they literally WOULDNT tell me what the fuck it was about over the phone so i told them to go fuck themselves.

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