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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by NaughtyDread, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. will take more pictures over the next couple of days, jus happened to be coming back from dc, hung my head out the window, thought why not? turned out shitty, but hey its the first time ive ever done this, wont be the last

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  2. here's another this one from the rear

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  3. u need a cam that captures movement in a picture, u know the kind where the lense stays open for longer and u see if there was moment when the pic was taken... dunno if u get it anyways im baked and ur pics look cool to me :D

  4. screw that them pics rocked... i liked the way the rhode was blurred but tha rims were standen still along with the tread (sp?) of the wheel :D anyways yup I'm high ...... hehe
  5. nice pics, look fine to me, what is that a golf gti mk4-5?........have you seen the new VW golf32.......hell even the vr6 is nice..........gotta love the old mk1 convertible, there's a few of them round here...........nice.........Peace out.........Sid
  6. thanx all :D ill take sum more pics...i normally shoot 35mm, but this was with a digi, you have some manual control, but not a lot. im pretty sure i coulda opened the lens more, but i would have to exp. it wasnt very nice out to be hanging your head out the window lol... hey sid, yeah its a mk4. i would love an r32, if i were in the market to buy one though, id prolly look audis way first. i am going to try my dad into gettin one when he gets back from germany. he's been eyeing the touraq for a while, but he's concerned about paying over 2 dollars a gallon jus to drive it. im also lookin into possibly buying an mk3. i like the mk1, but hands down the mk2 was a sleeper... the best car in its class :)
  7. one of em

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