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  1. Hello hello hello!! Some of you know me some dont. I left this site because of all the bullshit non related to growing threads I had to see everyday. But, whatever, do your thing people, I'm going to do mine.

    So with out any further ado,

    VC's Cannabis Lab has just opened.

    I will be growing plants for purposes. Some will die as a result. Stick around and you'll see.
    I am setting up this "lab" if you will to dispel myths and rumors as well as to update the cannabis growers culture with a constant stream of new info.

    I hope you all enjoy my work and my sacrifice.

    Comments and questions are welcome and encouraged!!

    I'm loading the first set of pics and vids now.:smoke:

    here's a quick vid, teaser

  2. Ok. First off this journal is not new, its been changed a little from the first version. The plants are the same with a few need friends that is.

    some of the equiptment


    the next generation of my kids



    and a pic or two of thier mothers in flower



    btw these were all day 1 week 6 for the flowering pics
  3. Looking good VC....
    nice set up....:D
  4. hey man. I just registered here cause i am from the "other site" you were just at, FIRST off i would like to say fuck that, what happened over there was garbage, nothing less.

    what happened with your wife, people are pissed man, that mod should lose his position for sure for that. Banned her and said it was cause he could, no reason just wanted to ban her, garbage

    Third, your plants are amazing, i dont ven know the right words bro

    mad propz to you sir

    i bow down willingly

    anything you want to share i will be watching this thread mang

    they are comparing you to the leaves of green movie over there at RIU

    true growing genius mang:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:
  5. thanks its gonna get even better soon

    I really dont even want to discuss it, still pissed. Thanks for the compliments however.
  6. So here is the reason I decided to start growing indoors. I needed total control to do what I want to do, and that included a full spectrum light, mine will be here towards the end of June

    [ame=]YouTube - Proto plasma growlight @ High Times cup 2009[/ame]

    I can see widowmaker really was following that thread over there lol
  7. Ok, so everyone knows what this is,


    but why would you want that, when you could have this. same genetics, same age, same everything, almost.

    this one has six branches already, see the middle

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    The first portion of this thread/journal is going to be to help the "liitle guy" catch up to the big guy.

    And I mean YOU, not the plants.

    Those people using small spaces are going to want to subscribe to this one. See that plant in the second pic, above post, is now this,


    and about to go into flowering. So if your plants dont look this way and you want them to, you know what to do, subscribe.
  9. wazzzzzuuupppp! sorry just watched that shit the other day lol.

    wont even get into that shit it pissed me off bad. i was banned from there before. just joined up again instantly with yahoo email. stupid fukin mods think they can ban sumone. if u want slide back in when u cool off just do wat i did. ill be lookin for ya in my journal otherwise ill see ya here now and again. cuz we are two guys on the same page and it sure is hard findin sumone worth exchanging ideas with since most of these forums are filled with sheep. i seen that u did in fact choose the gen 2. cant wait to see it in action.

    keep it green and stackd as usual'

  10. hell man wonderful to have you over here!! And draasta47 as well, a few others have apparently decided the same. I will probably make a new account if they haven't ip banned me lolz!! what a clown that mod was, my wife set him up good too, pushing his buttons until he banned her in a blaze of proud glory, it'll probably cost him that position as a mod, he doesn't know my wife.

    I will try to continue my work over here where I left off over there but I'll have to get these guys caught up first. Uploading new vids now.

    Welcome to the lab everyone that is checking in from over at RIU!! I wont get banned from here, they have a sticky with the rules posted at the top of the forum, like everyone should, ehhhmmm RIU!!
  11. So, to get everyone on the same page as fast as possible, I'm gonna give you the short version.

    I have over 20 strains growing in my lab.

    I use LST, ScroG, SC, topping, muli topping, cross training and my own new style of growing TT or "train tracks"

    I grow in hydro and dirt, not for much longer, going all hydro in less than a week

    I use T5 lights for vegging, I use T12's for younger immature plants with T5 supplemental lighting. I use (4) 150 watt cfls for clones.

    I use (2) 150 watt HPS lights for flowering

    I do NOT use co2 as there is no need, the natural air in the room is exchanged once every minute.

    I only only use Dutch Master Gold Line Nutrients

    I use liquid light and penetrator for foliar feeding

    I grow with (1) drip system and rockwool cubes under a 250 watt Feliz T5, (1) ebb and flow system under the pair of 2' AgroSun Full spectrum, (1) ebb and flow table in the flowering chamber using rockwool cubes and hydroton pebbles.

    All clones are hand fed and maintained under 180 true watts of 6500K CFL's. The "equivalent" watts of CFL's would be 600watts.

    In this Journal we will cover the start of and up to the current state of my own strain, Tangergreen; as well as the process of making White Chocolate, a cross of White Widow and Chocolope. Along the way we will be raising and killing quite a few plants, all for good purpose.


    You can also stow all the negative comments about a curled tip here and there. I assure you I know exactly what is going on with every calyx in my lab on every plant individually. Save the "nute burn" stuff as well, these plants are on the verge of exploding on a daily basis as you will learn.

    With that said, on to the show
  12. What you see here is a male plant and two females. All grown from the same genetics. It was bag seed from schwag. All the seeds came out of the same bud,lol. That said one of these little ladies and that guy are going outside for a long date, and their gonna "do it."


  13. One of the ladies that did not go outside was kind enough to give up some great clones,


    Mean while back at the ranch, the little lady that was outside has been kind enough to put out some beans.


    And I was kind enough to plant them


    so now I have a true start in hydro, born in water, raised in water, no dirt!
  14. Some of the other strains I has mentioned earlier:

    Bubba Kush, PG13, White Widow, Purple Kush, RP OG kush, train wreck, Emerald City, list goes on.



    thats them a little later.:D
  15. So lets jump ahead some now, everything is growing good and I'm starting to test theories of mine concerning:



    air exchange

    and nutrients

    Here are the first two Tangergreen clones going into the flowering chamber.


    The screen was used because I wanted to control spreading of growth evenly with out stressing the plant to much. It was removed after the HPS "stretch" was over as was the 125 watt T5 6500k light.
  16. The plants are coming along just as I hoped for. this is when I first joined this site, looking for anyone with plants like mine, I found no one.

    By using what I concidered the best nutrients on the planet, the best foliar feeding regime and products, and the best light source on the planet for vegatative growth I was able to bring my plants to their full potential.



    I was measuring this ones getting ready to start the train tracks and decided to snap a pic

  17. And before anyone asks, NO it is not just one plant growing a little crazy, these bushes are being engineered with a purpose


    might want to jot his down cause it'll be key later on.

    low humidity = thicker leaves

    high humidity = thinner leaves

    transpiration takes place in the leaf, co2 in the bottom of the leaf and o2 out the top, photosynthesis takes place in the middle. Glutation is the plants ability to store what it needs as well as a small stock pile, this happens in the leaf as well.


    as you can see every plant is being grown differently, drip setting are different, amount of nutes different, yet all on the same table with no problems. Some in rockwool starter plugs then into bigger cubes, some into straight hydro pebbles, etc.



    even coming straight from seed, the purple kush being engineered is growing branches as fast as it grows roots.

  18. Ok ,here's an example of super cropping for ya


    you can see it was already topped,


    here she is now, under the right corner of the prop tray I am holding up

  19. very nice VC, i guess touche is no more?

    glad we found you, sorry we lost you, but even gladder we found you. lookin good, and give that wife a night on the town for her snapping those guys heads off at the other site.

    do you have a date when the plasma light will arrive?? cant wait to see it in action.

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