Vatican bank image hurt as JP Morgan closes account

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    I find this very interesting. The big banks worldwide are going through major changes ( and the latest and greatest news is JP Morgan has dumped the Vatican! It looks like the Vatician is involved in shady actions (money laundering). None of you are die hard Catholics, right? :laughing:

    Fuck religion and the bullshit liars who run it. And fuck big banks as well. They'll both be seeing each other in Hell, if you believe in that bullshit.

    Vatican bank image hurt as JP Morgan closes account | Reuters

    In other Vatican news....

    Vatican begs forgiveness of Ireland abuse victims

    Pope to axe Irish bishops accused of sex abuse against minors - Vatican Insider
  2. r

    oh the irony..
  3. Damn. A megabank dropping the Vatican for moral issues? Holy epic irony Batman!
  4. They're all moving to safe zones.

    Why? Who knows.
  5. The old Roman Empire seems to finally be losing some sway in a completely ironic fashion to boot. They're still plenty powerful though.

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