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  1. So, I am going to be taking extracted LSA from morning glories soon (made by myself) and I have been researching and it seems like one of the side effects from LSA is Vasoconstriction (where your veins get smaller)

    So my basic idea is to take a Vasodilator 30-40min prior to taking the lsa. First off would this work? I'm assuming they would cancel out and thus not constrict my veins any.

    Second, what are some common (easily obtainable) vasodilators, I know weed is a mild one, and also niacin, but I was just wondering what else is.
  2. Did you know that THC is a vasodilator? That is why it makes your eyes red. On top of that, smoking a little always puts me in the right mindset for a trip, so this would be my reccomendation.
  3. Search bar is our friend.

    These links might be able to help you:

    I just got 50 HBWS today, and they look scrumptious. I will be at the same wavelength as you tonight. Good luck, Stay safe, Have Fun.

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