various clone ages...problem? - aeroponics

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ayparkk, May 6, 2011.

  1. hey guys
    just working on my first grow
    in an automated rainforest aeroponics system

    put the first 2 clones in about 6 days ago
    and have 4 other clones that are about a week younger.

    was wondering if it's gonna be a problem that i added the younger clones to my older clones

    couple clones are much bigger than the younger ones

    so far it seems like all the clones are happy

    whats the farthest apart age-wise you can have clones growing together?

    note: growing aeroponically so there is only 1 reservoir which I can only maintain one level of ph and ppm [​IMG] thanks for any help!

    setup:600w HPS
    4x4x6 mylar tent
    RainForest Aeroponics System
    240 cfm can fan, intake
    250 cfm blower inline fan, exhaust
    C.A.P. Ozone Generator
    2 oscilating fans

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