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  1. Who know's what variation is that plant?
    She was in mix seeds.
    It must be one with that:
    -5 way
    -Passion#1 (Amstel Gold)
    -Purple Star
    pleas answer

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  2. i dunno how you could tell unless maybe you had a close up when it was almost done flowering...even then though it'd still be really hard to tell.
  3. your kidding right? No way to tell at this point. This seedling could be any of the mentioned strains. You will have to get it just a wee bit bigger before any guess could even be made. Try again in about two or three weeks and with a clear picture and maybe, only maybe, will a guess be possible. Sorry.
  4. It is obvious what the strain is. Everyone knows its SchwagPassion#2
  5. I don't think it wanted to be identified, see how blurry it is, it must have been moving pretty fast to avoid a clear image of itself, you might have to catch it when it isn't looking.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  6. durban... jesus, dont you guys know ANYTHING??? :D

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