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  1. Greetings,
    It has been a very long time since I grew some healthy 18 footers. Actually it's been over 25 years. I am astounded at how much "things" have changed since the mid 70s. I mean $200.00 plus US dollars for 10 friggin pot seeds. This can't be true? Oh well, if it is, there are a lot of people out there that are clueless. Or perhaps the silicon valley yups retired to a secluded life of surfing the net to do things that "Used" to just come naturally and with a little help from ones Friends.

    I wouldn't pay $1.00 for ten seeds, let alone $100.00s of dollars for 10 of them. I still have my Friends from back in the good old days. We are all a bit older and wiser, but still good Friends non the less. Where I come from, friends "GIVE" thier friends seeds for "Nothing"!!!! With a guarantee of a little gift in the coming months. And, yes, I can STILL get cannibus seeds from most anywhere in the world for "Free", just like I did all of those years ago. Get creative!!!!

    I read several of the questions on the various forums. It amazed me at the nievity of you young things.

    Just to encapslulate a few answers to several of the questions mentioned: "Always" plant in a place where you never have to go back unless it is to tip your crop or to pull the males. Clones seems like a reasonable alternative to having to make an unnessary trip to the old growing grounds to pull the "Old Boys". By that I mean placing your juvinille plants near enough to water that they will be self sustaining for the entire season. Obviously placement is a critical decision. Be as cautious as a worm in a chicken yard!


    Due to the fact that this is my first visit to this site and this forum, I must limit the amount of writting I do.

    I do have a question for any one of you expert cannibus growers out there. The other day I was searching my many favorites on the topic of growing a successful crop to harvest and in the bag. Something that I noticed mentioned but have failed to locate the specific site that made mention of it has eluded me.. What was either advertised or suggested was the use of camouflage, to cover your burgening crops or crop. This idea intreaged me. I must know though, Just what material has come along that effectively camouflages your plants, yet allows the full effect of the summer sun????? If any of you know of this idea or material or have any suggestions as to where I might search on the net to read about it myself, I would greatly appreciate any assistance that you might be to me.

    In Peace and Light, Reddbud
    PS: Grow where you "NEVER" have to visit your crop!!!!!!, until harvest time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned a very long time ago, that "If" one is seen in the vacinity of their crop, there is sure to be a curious one amongst the bunch!!!!!!!!!! It "NEVER" fails!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. welcome to the city, and to the growing forums we have here.....yes i would never pay that kinda money for seeds either......but if i have to buy i pay between £10-£30 for 10 seeds however i am all alone in the area that i grow, you can still get free seeds from johnny reeferseed as they like to help out fellow for the camouflage, the only stuff i can think of is the green nettin used by some scrog growers.....i very fine green netting, that they let the plants hit as a height restrictor.....maybe that?.......Peace out.....Sid
  3. 200$ for seeds! thats fucking rediculous!
  4. welcome to the joint. glad you started growing again.... if only everyone could...sigh. I hope your crop turns out great. As far as camoflauge..... this might sound funny, but the one guy who told me about it has never had any problems.... fake plastic flowers... depending on how big your plant is depends on how big the flowers you can put on.... he used little twisty ties on some of the thicker branches and on the ones to weak to support them he used long metal rods, kinda looked like real long welding rods, to clip them to.... and they doubled as supports for the branches later on... but from afar, walking to the plants.. i thought they were some sort of flowering plant.... i can only imagine how they look from helicopters. maybe that might work for you.
    Peace, love and bigger buds.
  5. yeah i think that sucks about the price of seeds too.... but there are reasons... feminized seeds... and really good chances that there shouldn't be too much variation in the plants characteristics. plus the cost of producing seeds isn't that cheap either. And chances are that with a succesful crop, the return profit, if selling was the reason for starting, would more than make up the cost of the seeds. But there are people out there just like me and you who still would give them for free. I took me a long time (and money) to get the seeds that i got... meticulously searching through each nug with a fine comb... each find like hitting the lotto... and they are prized by me.. but even so i have never had a problem giving them away... i don't even think twice... spread the love.
    Peace, love and bigger buds.

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