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Vapped herb is ready to eat right?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mumbojumbo, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. No need to melt into butter or anything?

    The heat from vapping already activated the thc and other chemicals?
    Melting in butter is just to separate the plant material from the chemicals into the butter - correct?

    I could just put the already vapped herb into a peanut butter toast or anything - even eat it straight or with water correct?
  2. Pretty sure you can't just eat it but some ppl say you can
  3. It's always the misinformed who post first :rolleyes: Yes, you can in fact eat vaped weed just as it is, and get high.
  4. I would say that you could get some kind of effect, but not as much as say a firecracker or some cannabutter made FROM the vaped herb.
    Something about THC being fat soluble and the way it is absorbed by your body in that form etc.
  5. [quote name='"KyleMatthew"']It's always the misinformed who post first :rolleyes: Yes, you can in fact eat vaped weed just as it is, and get high.[/quote]

    Okay thanks your a fucking genius man, you go to Yale?

  6. Butthurt?

  7. lol...mixed info here

    Im sure that you only need one or the other. Only need fat if it is non heated / vapped / fresh

    The thc is absorbed INTO the fat...and activated by the heat.

    Where as vapped herb is heat activated and still has some in and on the plant matter...

    So putting it in butter / peanut butter / fat / oil is uneeded.....correct?
  8. As I ALREADY said, YES, you can. So you are correct, those things are unneeded.
  9. I don't know as I haven't tried both ways...though I will say I don't think eating ABV would be the most palatable experience.
    Also I've used it in tea, and not got half as high as I have with the same amount used in a firecracker...I mean it worked, just not as well.
  10. If you can, it would be GROSS AS HELL.

    Cook it a normal way so that it will actually be edible.
  11. you can just eat it, many have said.

    although you might as well cook it.

    or roll a joint with it! thats very nice.
  12. [quote name='"KyleMatthew"']


    You got it man. Lol

  13. You're*
  14. Let me inform you guys...

    YES, you can eat Vaped bud and get "high." But the thing is, it would still work much much better if you cook it into something, and here is why:

    THC by itself (i.e. not bonded to any fats) will not be efficiently absorbed into your bloodstream through the digestive tract. It will move much too quickly for your body to use it all up since it is not in a form that is easily digestible by the body. HOWEVER, if you still bind it to a fat (i.e. butter, peanut butter, oil, etc.) it can be more efficiently absorbed because fat takes much longer than THC to process through the body. If the THC is bonded to the fat, it will take just as long to be absorbed as it would take for the fat to digest.

    Think about it like a candle.

    If you have just the wick, but no wax, the wick WILL provide light and heat when it is ignited, but not for very long and not efficiently at all, HOWEVER, if you have a wick, surrounded by wax then the candle will burn much much MUCH longer.

    Do you get where I'm getting at?

    tl;dr It will get you high, but not long and not that high, unless you cook it into fat.
  15. Bollocks. You're talking shit Karl.

    Why would you want to waste your ABV that way. It will be nowhere near effective. Yes, you have decarboxylated it by vaping, but your body still cannot effectively absorb it in the digestive tract without being bound to fat molecules or to ethanol.
  16. I just got a MFLB and I'm kind of curious...

    Anyone know how much vaped material one should consume for a good effect? Does it differ from "normal" edibles?
  17. I made some brownies with ABV and ended up with about two grams per brownie and they are mild strength. I will use another extraction method next time and I think they will be stronger. The general rule I have always heard is use 3x the amount you would use for fresh herb.
  18. Thank you!

  19. 2 grams is a good dose.

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