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VaporWarez 3G vaporizer- Hands free or Standard Version?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FLIGHT6, May 29, 2009.

  1. I've heard that some people like the standard version better. (non-hands free)

    whats the difference?

    does the glass whip screw onto the vape and the other you hold onto there?

    Which is better?

    I'm buying one tomorrow.
  2. Closet Smoker is a close friend of mine. He has a vapor brothers hands free unit. This vaporizer is worth every penny. He has a detailed review with high def pictures you should check out.
  3. the hands free has a GonG style joint. With the heating element being frosted on the end, and the wand is also frosted. You place the whip on the heatign element and it jsut sits there.

    i have no experience with a non hands-free box style vape, so i can not really tel lyou the differences, but i CAN tell you that my VaporBros is worth every penny i paid for it and more.

    i highly reccomend gettign the GonG adapter so you can plug it into your favorite tube and rip the night away, you get the satisfaction and fun of smokign a bong, with all the benefits of a vape.

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