Vaporstar + Bong order without parents noticing

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Jarrz, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, title pretty much says it, I saw this package with the Vaporstar plus this little glas bong or whatever over at Anyone got any experience how suspicious the packages look? Would be thankful for some help :)

    inb4 underage, I'm 18 but I still go to school so yeah
  2. well packages usually dont say anything dealing with weed or anything, and a lot of the time on your credit statement it will come up as something random to keep you safe.

    I send my stuff to my friends house though because you never know if your parents will open a package especially if you never get anything like that.
  3. evertime ive gotten a package from my friends vape shop it came in a plane box with a return address from some warehouse. im sure grasscity is similar. idk if they put a "caution: glass" sticker on the box though. your parents might question what you bought thats long and glass.
  4. I've heard it's shipped in a plain brown box, but the return address says somewhere in Amsterdam and if your buying glass then I've heard they put a fragile sticker on it.
  5. Well, I guess that's cool my parents don't really go through my stuff or something, might just look weird if it said weed or something
  6. "Its a gift for my buddies birthday" at least thats what I would say
  7. sometimes customs will throw a pipe sticker on the box
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    Is that US only? Cause I'm european.
  9. Yup, U.S. only
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    Your fine then. Worse thing it'll say is glass.
  11. Okay, I'll just go with the buddy birthday thing :)

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