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  1. I have had my vapormatic deluxe for way over a year now.... But I dont use it to often... Now I have read many many articles and I know that vapor is not always visible... Buuut watching clips if the volcano the vapor always looks nice and thick. I am I doing something wong here? What do you guys usually run at? (temp, fan speed?) Any advice would help ;)
  2. You probably need to run your temp higher.

    I reccomend 330 for greens, 345 for bag after, 360 for all remaining bags.

    But every vape seems to be different, so I'd just increase the temp by 10 degrees at a time until you get something nice and foggy.

  3. Ill have to experiment a little I suppose.
  4. i was thinking about buying a vapormatic as well.

    how does it hit for you?
  5. I think it hit pretty good but I have never had the opportunity to hit a volcano so I cant compare the two.
  6. ccoool thanks for the input.
    does it take long to heat up?
    o and one more thing, some dude said he tasted metal prettty bad...
    not happpen with you?
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    It literally takes less than 1 min to heat up! The heating up time is awesome!

    metal I dont think so! I never tasted metal or plasic of any kind!

    personally I like mine! The only thing is I to get a nice visible vape I have to turn the hear up pretty high... other than that the adjustable fan speed kicks ass and so does the diferent ways you can hit it (whip or bag) I have a portable I have been trying to get rid of if interested LOL ;)
  8. how much sirrr?

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