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Vaporizor= a motorised crack/meth pipe? lolol

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by CoremanX, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. IdK. It works the same way. And I think thats messed up. lol. I don't want all these vaps to give a bad idea to all the anti-weed dudes out there. Cause you inhale vap from crystal meth and u have to hit up the glass and inhale it and stuff, That is pretty much how these vaporizers work. And it sucks for not only that reason but they are overpriced anyway for just a vacuum heatgun inside a cone with a bag connector.
  2. So don't buy one.
  3. ok, pooppounder.
  4. its 2 different things do you see pot heads runing around tyring to smoke bud out of a novelty rose pipe no no you dont the light bulb vapes maybe but there 2 different things
  5. this is a bad rant... Bolt
  6. i dont see a crack/meth addict using a expensive vaporizer....rose pipes or homemade crap is what they would use
  7. If a crack/meth addict had a vaporizor theyd sell it within a week of getting it to buy more crack
  8. Looks like the only vaporizer you have ever even heard of is a Volcano, since you think that all vapes are cones. And I'm not familiar with any vape with a motor. This is a pretty awful thread.
  9. Vaporizers are healther.
    Bud tastes better because it's not covered over by smoke.
    They smell less.
    They offer up a more clear headed high.
    but most of all...............they save you money. You will use soooo much less bud that whatever vape you buy will pay for itself pretty quickly.

    You can get a good vape for as low as 50 bucks (VaporGenie), so you're rant above is TOTALLY without merit.
  10. Haha, this. :hello: But yeah, this thread is childish.. Bolt
  11. OP is a methhead.
  12. Iwen covered it all...

    If you are just ranting from speculation, with no real basis; why not go try out a vape? It conserves bud, AND you get more out of your weeeeed!
  13. ...and the cup you could drink cyanide out of is very similar to the cup you could drink juice out of.
    The real question is "so what?"
  14. OP your the only one giving those "anti-weed dudes" bad ideas about vapes. You sicken me, I want to -rep you because this post is so awful.
  15. Someone could easily mistaken me for bombing ecstacy when I'm taking my viagra :rolleyes:
  16. this is just an awful thread

    so check out this pic


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