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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Luckiduck, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I have a question that maybe someone could help out with or has shared a similar problem...
    I started smoking weed daily for about 2 years, I even quit for a couple months in between that time and never had any problems. Then one day while my boyfriend, my friend and I were smoking like we would any other day I started feeling very sick. I went to the bathroom to try and calm down but I couldn't. After I came down from the high I realized that I had a panic attack. Since then Ive been afraid to continue smoking. One day I took a drag off a blunt my boyfriend was smoking before a concert we were going to but the whole ride there I was tripping out and thought I was going to die.
    Recently I've been reading about vaporizers and I've seen some posts where people say that the high is different and paranoia doesn't effect them like smoking does. I'm wondering if anyone could maybe suggest any type of vaporizer that would be good or if I should even try it at all.
    We've made canabutter and when ive eaten food with that as long as i don't eat too much I feel good. That's why I thought if I tried something different then maybe I could enjoy weed again.
  2. I'm picking up the "Magic Flight Launch Box" this week from my local headshop, I'm getting it because of everything I've heard about it on this forum and because I want to conserve my trees, I haven't ever used a cape but watching YouTube vids. And opinions on it has really enticed me to buy it
  3. i love my da buddha vape
  4. I have a Da Buddha, and it is DEFINATELY worth the $200. It saves a lot of weed. I don't find that much of a difference in the highs between a vaporizer and a bong though.

  5. that..i actually bug out a little more when i vape but i think its cuz i get too high..if i could recommend anything to u id say stay away from bongs and vapes and start off with real like drags and wait to see how u feel..take it slow because i know when i get hit too hard i bug bad for the whole high where if i take it slow i am able to enjoy my high much more..
  6. I
    "Da Buddha"
  7. If you get paranoid from regular smoking i would avoid the da buddha. My girl cant take it, she gets so high from my vape she says it feels like shes having a heart attack
  8. I used the iolite very nice high very chilled out, didnt notice any negative effects like I have from time to time when I smoke.

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