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Vaporizing with spoon pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by inz, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So I'm dry at the moment, I just basically vaped 0.05g mixture of compressed kief/finger hash which is kind of crack-addict like, but oh well. I basically just put it in the bowl of my spoon pipe and then heated the bottom of the glass bowl and inhaled to vaporize. Definitely worked, I could see the smoke/vapor coming from the bowl (plus it got me high).

    I'm hopefully picking up tomorrow so I was just wondering if you think vaporizing with a spoon pipe should be done with full bowls of bud regulary? I mean, if little bits of kief get me high then full bowls should work too right?
  2. lol, I've done this so many times with my bowls that just had rez caked in it. it's way better than smoking that shut, imo.
  3. shit* fucking iPad..
  4. I just realized that there's loads of resin inside too, thanks for reminding me man. Gonna see if I can get anything else out of it :)
  5. I think it's really hard to do with lots of pipes. You have to have pretty steady hands to.

    But if you have a pipe that works well with this technique, definitely milk it for all it's worth.
  6. Also a question... after vaping with the pipe would you recommend just torching the whole bowl, or saving the vaped bud (I know some people save it for joints, edibles etc)?
  7. the leftovers? I have a hotbox vaporizer, after I vape the shit out of it, I just throw it in a separate ash tray. my girl will smoke anything, no matter how it tastes or how beat it is. i think it tastes like smoking a rubber glove, so I just throw it out. plus vaporizing uses the thc and leaves the rest, so idk. it's up to you what you wanna do with it.
  8. I just throw it out after. Not worth keeping.
  9. Throw the shit out. If you were able to see the smoke/vapor so easily the weed was probably burned. Would you normally keep the ash of cached bowls?
  10. so you took a bunch of res hits? thats not really the same as vaporizing, lol :smoke:

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