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Vaporizing Wax!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Hamper17, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. I've been using Da Buddah vaporizer for a couple of months now and when I first got it I loved how belligerently high it would get me. Lately I've been noticing that it's been taking quite a bit to get me to the level I like so I'm looking to move into some concentrates. Anyone have any experience on vaporizing wax or hash or other concentrates with a whip style vaporizer? Can it even be done? If so I'd appreciate some advice on how to pack the bowl in a way that won't mess up my wand. Thanks!!
  2. Maybe stick it to the wall of the whip as opposed to the screen... Have a thin layer of bud under it just in case. And that's it. Or just throw it on top of a thick layer of bud, it'll melt into the weed.
  3. Hmmm I guess that could work but wouldn't I have to set the vape to a very high temperature which would possibly burn the weed?
  4. hamper, from time to time I'll use some hash on my silver surfer which is almost identical to your buddah
    what i do is make a layer of weed on top of the screen and then a layer of hash or concentrates, whatever, and then a final layer of weed. it makes for a tasty and fun mixture of flavors and highs because as you go turning up the temperature on your buddah, the taste will go changing along with it. :D
  5. Awesome I'll give that a try. I was thinking that this would really be the only solution. I'm just hoping that I don't burn the bud for the sake of heating up the concentrates.

  6. If you get your hand on a good strength wax for your first concintrate, your going to be more then stoned :smoking:
  7. not sure why people vaporize concentrates like this... the way a vaporizer works essentially makes whatever you inhale a concentrate anyways because you are not absorbing plant materials. either way if i were you id grab a Ti nail/glass dome and use that instead.
  8. Kief and hash work but personally I wouldn't use the vape for oils. I have a titanium skillet and an Eclipse essential vape for that. With those pieces you get 100% efficiency and know the oils been vaporized. On a layer of bud it's all guess work, especially since we're not digital. Who knows the efficiency here, ya know?
  9. [quote name='"carlthecamel"']not sure why people vaporize concentrates like this... the way a vaporizer works essentially makes whatever you inhale a concentrate anyways because you are not absorbing plant materials. either way if i were you id grab a Ti nail/glass dome and use that instead.[/quote]

    more potency per bowl? If you can get all the high in over a few lungfuls instead of over 20 hits, the high is different and more intense.
  10. I would use bubble hash because it's really sticky and clumped in chunks or it's hard and clay like. Both of those consistencies really work well in a vaporizer but if you put that earwax or BHO oil it will just be too messy and sticky.
  11. I just vaporized some wax and I can say that I fully endorse this method lol. Although I did do a couple of hits off an oil dome too and that obviously hit way harder. So all I had to do was put some material in the wand, put some wax in, and put some more on top of it and it worked like a charm.
  12. There's something about a big dab to the face that cannot be reproduced, there is nothing in the weed world like it, you can pack so much into one hit by vaporizing oils off Ti/glass. You couldn't sit there and slowly get all of that with a whip vape or whatever because it'd take forever.

    Anyway, I wouldn't put hash or oil in your vape it's messy, if it's some bubble that's not going to melt that's one thing.

    If you want to use waxes and such, just get the swing or nail or similar, it's more than worth it and it's by far the best way to hit that stuff.
  13. do a google search for a G-pen

  14. When I was initially buying a vaporizer I looked into this. It has terrible reviews and have heard that its not a safe product. Plus I'm saving up for an ice chamber so I'd rather put my cash down on that.
  15. do a layer of weed, and put your wax on top. turn the temp up a bit higher so the wax melts into the bud. you wont regret it!

  16. This is basically what I did but I put a little over the wax as well so it didn't drip down into the heating element. It hit like a damn train. It was awesome. However I was with a few friends and the wax was done by the 2nd hit so we had to keep putting more in.
  17. Wax burns fairly fast, would be better to dab with a nice torch and bong.
  18. Torch and nail all the way

    I have tried to vape oil, and wax before. Just made a mess and doesnt even come close to the oil dome.

    I prefer putting a screen in my bong slide and hitting hash,oil,wax over the vape. Thats of course if my nail breaks or something.
  19. honestly, this guy's right. dabbing gets you fucking RIGHT.
  20. I am an extremely happy user of DaBuddah, yes, functionally it is identical to the SSV.
    I have mixed in both wax and bubble hash in with my weed many times.
    For me, it works great. I have mixed in a little wax in the middle like Braddock mentions in his excellent post.
    I also have added a little wax that I made into very small pieces and mixed it in with some herb I just grinded, mixed it and sucked it into the wand, then vaped up like always and it has worked great.

    When the wax hits, it is a bit harsher and it fills my lungs quickly.

    With wax, a good idea is to check out and maybe clean the screen in case the Wax clogs it a little.


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