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Vaporizing Pure Vanilla Extract

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by maxwell4, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    This might sound kind of dumb, but I'm pretty curious to see if you can vape vanilla extract. Not the kind that has preservatives in it, just the kind with basic vanilla bean extracts, water, and alcohol. I'm getting the volcano soon and while I enjoy the flavor of pure dank in my mflb, it would be kind of cool to mix it up to get some vanilla-y bags with the volcano.

    Just an idea, I wanted to see if anyone has tried it, and if it works or it just ends up tasting like shit
  2. Are you talking about the vanilla powder or the liquid? I'd imagine u'd have a mess with the liquid.
  3. Yeah I meant the liquid, what you use for baking and making cookies
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    ** Just as a disclaimer, if you're a patient or anyone with a weakened immune system, or reduced lung function, just stick to your herb.

    Working with flavorings can be perfectly safe, but just in case someone gets a little... 'too creative', it's best that they are healthy, so they can better-handle the potential consequences.
    Certain flavorings and essential oils are ONLY safe when the maker is patient and very specific steps are followed... vanilla is fortunately one of the safer/quicker ones to work with, especially in a diluted extract rather than oil form. :) Real citrus on the other hand should be used with caution, or better, avoided entirely.

    For a natural vanilla extract in alcohol, you can just experiment by diluting in water, spitzing more or less on your buds, then you would allow the buds to re-dry before smoking. Plenty of people enjoy vanilla and cherry scents while vaping, and even when smoking... tobacco is sometimes 'infused' in a similar fashion.

    For more information.....

    There are some flavors and brands that vape well, and there are others that don't, and shouldn't be vaped. Most will need dilution, and some will need much more than others.

    Remember that vaporization is the goal, and that you should not combust these flavors, but rather keep them in their original 'healthier' forms, which our bodies can handle more easily.

    While artificial flavors and some extracts can be diluted with water or even alcohol, then misted onto your buds, and allowed to re-dry (check the link provided below for a list of flavors deemed 'safe' by the vaping and e-cig community)... you will get the best flavor and mouth-feel when blending a flavor first with glycerin or a glycerin tincture, so you can vape your bud a bit like a 'wet' shisha.
    If you do choose to use water, just a warning.... the flavor will get stronger as the water evaporates, so making it weak to start with is a good idea!

    Essential, or most natural concentrated oils should especially -never ever- be added to bud as they are, and they should never be directly inhaled without a good amount of dilution and distribution of the individual particles in a carrier, otherwise, they can cause burns and tissue damage (even on external skin, but much worse in the lungs. Common oil burners used for aromatherapy purposes have even damaged people, who just stay for too long in a closed room with them!).
    These should be used for food or proper aromatherapy purposes only, and only as directed by the manufacturer, especially if you don't feel comfortable with or up to processing them correctly.

    Essential oils can take weeks, and in some cases even months longer to become safe (and palatable, or tasty!) for vaping, when compared to some of the artificial flavors. Essential oils also CAN NOT be diluted adequately using water, their particules will remain clumped and concentrated, which is what makes them dangerous to vape and inhale... even if dispersed in alcohol, they will risk re-clumping as it evaporates; you'll need a lot of patience, a little gentle heat, and food grade vegetable glycerin.

    The best thing you can do is make a kind of canna 'shisha' to use in your vape, using glycerin, herb, and a safe flavoring (again, keeping in mind that essential oils will take longer to work with).

    You can either 1) make an extra-potent shisha, by adding a pre-made flavored hash tincture made with glycerin, or 2) you can just flavor your glycerin, and allow it to sit for at least a few days before adding a drop or two to your stash just before vaping (even some artificial flavors get better a full week or two after being blended with the carrier).

    Lorann flavoring drams are fanstastic! But the cheap-o McCormick brand, you'll find at the grocery store? Not so much :p

    You can find more info on vaping your favorite flavors here;



    Besides e-cigs, this is another reason a glycerin tincture can be cool.....


    Occasionally a make-shift bagged vaporizer, using oven bags....

    And more often, a general purpose Hash Fogger :D


    Anyhow good luck, and have fun! :wave:

    PS - A more 'natural', and slightly more subtle alternative would be to buy the REAL flavoring of your choice, in this case vanilla beans, then keep your herb jarred up with them for a few days or longer... crush a bean up a bit if you have to. You can always prepare a little extra in advance... anytime you want a vanilla smoke, just grab some from that jar. :) (If it's a wet flavor like a fruit, you'll want to dry it out first to prevent mold! :p )
  5. no you cant if you would want to you would need to dry out the vanilla you get at the store the liquid to evap all the alcohol from the oils
  6. Thanks BadKittySmiles! Pretty much exactly what I was looking for lol. I might just stick to drying out some vanilla bean and putting it in with my weed to impart to flavor onto it, that seems safer. Good idea

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