Vaporizing Kieffffff

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by dkong911, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. It is god.

    I just did it.

    You must try it.

    Out of a volcano.

    Many different strains.

    can't handle it dude
  2. I endorse this post 100%

  3. I agree 100%
  4. I disagree, just bong it :D

    :bongin: :bongin: :bongin:
  5. i dunno, I vaped a whole disc full of kief in my vapir 5.0 and it had little to no effect on me, I was prettu pissed that I wasted my kief on nothingness...iono maybe it worked for you cuz volcanos are the shit...
  6. I think that is exactly it. I laid the kief on top of a little bit of ground up bud, and sunshined that shit at 439*F on the Volcano Digital. To be honest I used to prefer bong hits over the lower end vaporizer (as bigorange2 obviously feels), but once I tried the Volcano on it's higher-temp capabilities, smoking weed really changed for me. Vapir 5.0 are pretty good too btw, idk why you didn't get toasted
  7. its like the rainbow of flavuhs (flavors)

  8. You must not own a Volcano.
  9. if you own a quality vaporizer you know that vaporizing is amazing and if you have never vaporized kief you must try it it is amazing if you do not do pure kief top a bowl it will make it much better
  10. qft!:wave:
  11. I gotta get a vape lol.
  12. Youre right, I don't... I own a VaporBrothers. Vaporizers just don't give me that "fucked up" feeling I get from bonging...
  13. ..or not own the 600 bucks to throw away on a vape, too bad we all cant be as privileged as you. :rolleyes:

    Smoking gets your more intoxicated, vaporizers get your more soaring.
  14. STRONG disagree here. Kief is almost 100% thc. Lighting a bong wastes some of that THC. A vape however uses all of it.
  15. I don't have that much money, but for how much I smoke, I thought a Volcano would be a good investment, and it was. I feel like I get way higher from the Volcano than from hitting a nice bong, and it's a lot healthier.:hello:
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    im getting an 1/8 of some dank tonight
    and test out my volcano for the first time....

    Grind that shit up with my tripple screen, vape the keif...

    i havent smoked in 3 weeks+ either, so.... use your imagination

    PS how long does an 1/8 last you smoking it all with the vape ??
    I can get an 1/8 to last me a week smoking regular bowls, so im hoping a 1/8 will last me at least 2-3 weeks or a month.


    dammit... guess my friend isnt going to pick up tonight, ahwell I can wait a few more days
  17. I've noticed I use about a third to a half as much weed with the vape as I did with a bong or pipe.

    So, to answer your question, if an eigth lasted you a week before I'd speculate it'll last you 2-3 weeks now.
  18. Ive vaped kif a couple of times, and yes it does utterly and completely rip you :D

  19. Second that. I have an analogue volcano which I certainly enjoy, however the quality glass still gets most of my attention.

    One thing vaporizers are GREAT for is opening the minds of those with health objections.

    I should try the kief although I have recently been using everything I generate in my new Kannastor hash press. I guess just vaping the hash would work just as well.

  20. I'm Volcano South and I approve this post and WW's response.

    I bet I could fit 1.5 grams of kief in the chamber too on a thin layer of herb. It would be.... amazing.

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