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Vaporizing Kief

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Shotthesheriff, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Quick question, I'm dry and have some kief in my grinder. Can I put it in my vaporizer or would it just be sucked through? Thanks for your guys help, and I did a search and could come up with the answer.
  2. I could see it working. Just don't pull as hard ya'know? So yah don't inhale the kief. You could press some of it a bit and put in a chunk, that's how I would do it.
  3. Thanks for the help, plus rep. I don't have a presser though so I think I may have to just try not draggin as hard. Anyone else have any imput?
  4. my experience is only with the volcano classic, but with it, we pack the kief between weed, so it wont be pushed through(fast moving air from fan), but without weed, that obviously wouldnt work.........and you know how the kief falls through the screen on the grinder? well it would go through the vape screen too........so you should press it into hash, set it in the vape, and vape it!
  5. theres a method of pressing kief on a post somewhere round here thats a bit of a hassle but i'd say worth it

  6. if possible, following the tutorial would be best, but just putting the kief in a cigarette cellaphane, and squishing/pressing it for a while (5 minutes being pressed solid) should work, and I want to say (but search before taking my word) that putting a drop of water in with the kief (when pressing it) makes it better, but we normally just press it dry, and then it can be vaped by itself, or smoked
  7. Vaporizing kief is badass first of all, but I usually get an old caked on screen to use while I'm vaping kief just so theres less chance of it falling through, or as others have said layer the ganja over the kief
  8. yeah theres a few different ways of doing it... i've seen a post involving an iron and foil but idk i'd google it
  9. Thanks for all your help guys, I think I'll try the celophance method because I don't have access to and iron or stove or anything like that at this time.
  10. I sprinkle it in my volcano on fresh bud and then put another layer of bud on top
  11. And it was for sure a success fellas.......... took out kief and put it in a celophane and pressed it with a weight for awhile then loading it on top of some previously vaped buds got me extremely high. A thanks is in order for everyone :)

  12. Glad it worked for ya, the cellophane has always worked for me, and when I suggested it, I took a look in my grinder and decided enough kief was there to make some hash making worth while.........so I pressed it, and i'm smoking it in my bubbler (bubbler sized has a slide tho.....) the kief is all from some white widow, and the bud is some dankk blueberry that I got today from my guy, it hits really smooth, and doesn't have to much of a distinct taste, but slightly fruity...

    sorry for rambling, high

  13. Just wait until you get bud and make a double decker kief sandwich! Some in the middle and some on top.
  14. Just a tip. When pressing kief only use heat as a last resort. The cellophane (or any material really...) works great for the sticky :smoking:
  15. man i was in this exact situation earlier today. no bud, but a grinder full of kief. i have a vaporizer with a whip and as long as you have a screen in the whip you'll be fine vaping kief alone. the only thing i recommend is to start at a lower temp and slowly increasing the temp by 5-10 degrees after each hit. i split the vape bowl with a buddy and we were both pretty damn high off the one kief bowl.
  16. Good deal man!:wave:

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