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Vaporizing after smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by maryjane25, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    So I have a bunch of nice bud, a small water pipe (always gets me stoned), and a nice Fuzion box vape. I haven't smoked in about 5 days and I haven't eaten much either because I was sick, so my tolerance probably went down a lot.

    Anyways, tonight when I get back from work I was planning on doing a few bowls with my waterpipe (it's really small and more of a pipe, but all the smoke gets filtered through water), and after doing that, hitting my vape. I have about 2 grams of some really nice sticky bud.

    Is this worth it? Or is it better to just smoke it all instead ... or vape it ... I wanna try something new.

    Has anyone done this before? What's it like? I love vaping and smoking so I imagine doing both together is like a super awesome mega high.
  2. I feel like it wouldn't be much different then just smoking a lot out of any piece or combination of pieces. Sure smoking out of a vape does give a different high then smoking out of a bowl, but when mixing the two i'm sure you won't notice, it will probably feel the same as if you smoked it all out of the bowl. That said, let me know how it feels, I could be wrong, and I'm certainly interested to hear how it goes.
  3. Smoke, then vape if you want. It'll be a nice mix. Vaping all of it will get you more stoned, but smoking is still fun to and will probably get you just as high.
  4. Yeah, it depends are you trying to conserve? Than only vape. If you want to smoke it all and be really stoned, then well vape or smoke just depends on preference..
  5. I don't usually do one RIGHT after the other, but hittin Da Buddha like 30 mins after some bong hits will always put me at a great relaxed level.
  6. The high is more of smoking high if you smoke first, and vape second. The high is much less like a smoking high and more of a vape high if you vape first, smoke second. You won't notice much of a change in the type of high if you smoke first. You will notice a change if you vape first.
  7. smoke, and when you start feeling like you're coming down, start vaping :smoke:
  8. i should have told you guys how it was, i ended up smoking a ton and then vaping a ton, but eventually i just got to this high where i couldn't get higher, it was an awesome high though.

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