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  1. A good buddy of mine just got a Volcano Vaporizer from one of his friends for free so I tested it out with him. It was the best taste I've ever tasted, much like the way the bud smelt. The high kinda creeped up on me, I love that! I enjoyed the vaping experience so much that I really want to buy one, but have a few questions.

    1- I, like many other Blades, still live with their rents so there are questions I have about that. If my parents find the vaporizer, what can I say it is? (and get away with it)

    2-Can I ship it to a house that's For Sale in my neighborhood?

    3- I've heard a lot about the magic flight launch box and it seems like the perfect item for me, but will I get the same experience as I did with the Volcano?
  2. Welcome to the world of vapes!
    A perfect at home vaporizer for you would be the Purple Days!
    Its so inconpicuous that nobody will question it if they see it. All it looks like is wood.

    The purple days is meant to be left on and it sets itself at the temp thats needed everytime.
    Log vaporizers also have the advantage of being crafted in the USA and that they conserve weed the best.

    Now if youre looking into more of a portable vaporizer, the magic flight will be another good option for you.
    Now with me saying that, no, the magic flight will not get you as high as the volcano.

    I'd suggest any of these vapes to you:
    Magic Flight
    Purple Days
    Myrtle Zapp
    Da Buddha Vaporizer
    Silver Surfer Vaporizer
    Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 (A whip AND bag combo)
  3. Iolite is the best thing that ever happend to me :p well bud related aleast
  4. same, 0.05-0.1g gets me blazed with it
  5. Thanks for the posts everybody! But please answer my questions if you can!
  6. What can you say a vaporizer is? Uh.. depends on what you get.

    Can you send it to a vacant house? If it looks EMPTY Im pretty sure drivers wouldnt leave it there.

    Will a vape like the mflb costing $100 get you as high as the volcano which is a forced air, digital, bag vape for $600. Its kinda obvious what will be better.
  7. I checked out the purple days and I must say, it's the perfect vape for me!

    Just getting it to my house is the real problem. Could I just let UPS bring it to their store instead?
  8. Send it to your P.O Box :)

    Its the safest way to be honest.
  9. I would seriously advise against shipping it to a house thats for sale. If no one lives there then the mail is almost certainly being forwarded , so your new toy may go to their new house. Sometimes you can just pick it up at a store, I would just send it to a friends house or apt.

    As for what you could call it, depends on what you get.

    Honestly though, if you live with your parents and are over 18 then they I would respect that they don't want you to have that stuff in the house. Find a friend's house you can keep it at, or get something portable so you can smoke when you are out. Unless your parents are pretty dumb they will probably figure out what just about any vape is..all they have to do is get close to it and smell. Vapes don't stink much, but if there is still any bud left in it they will probably smell that. Portable would be easier to hide too.

    Also, most of the excuses people come up with are pretty bad. for example people say the iolite is a walkie talkie or a phone...which it looks like if you are far away, but not so much if you are holding it. And since they don't really do much but sit there and get hot, if they ask more than "whats that" "hows it work" or would be pretty screwed.
  10. Well the Purple Days looks like a piece of wood, you don't even put bud in the vape so it doesn't smell at all. The tubes are the only paraphernalia. I am 75% sure my parents don't know what a vape even is.

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