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  1. So, I am a recreational smoker but moving into a little bit more.

    I am interested in buying a vaporizer but have never used one. And if I buy one I want to 'kick the tires first'. I've never even seen one...

    Any advice anyone can give me?

  2. my friend has a vaporizer and we use it whenever we don't feel like smoking. it tastes a little funky, but it still gets you quite f'ed up. also, after you "singe" the weed, it can still be used for smoking a legitmate bowl. yahtzee!
  3. Thanks guys... so after when you smoke it, there should be no potency right?

  4. It gives a slight stoney high if you smoke the already vaped weed

    I save my vaped weed and instead of using tobacco to roll with weed in spliffs I just use vaped weed.
  5. It's kind of a stoney, silly high. some wine and my vapor brothers and i turn into a giggly little girl, no homo.

  6. How much that vape run you?
  7. ocp1998... are you getting my PM's?

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