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  1. Whats up GC?

    I' m looking for a a vaporizer and am willing to spend 200 dollars or so. My question is, what separates the $60 vaporizers from the $150-200 ones. I just recently used a hotbox vaporizer and got ripped, and I used a friends vaporite which he got for 60 bucks on ebay and also got ripped. I'm looking for a reliable vape, that's not going to break my wallet, any suggestions?

  2. Health and Safety separate the cheap vaporizers from the $150+. They don't use hi-quality ceramic heaters, and sometimes their electronics or metals get heated up and emit toxins. Also, often their 'digital' features are cheap electronics that aren't very accurate to begin with. You have to pay for precision in scientific equipment, so what makes you think you'll get both a quality vape AND good electronics for $60? Buy nice or buy twice with a vaporizer.

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  3. honestly a good reliable vaporizer will run minimum $200. i would say 300-500 is a safe range for a reliable and quality vaporizer. you could get a vapor warez for around $150 but they work ok. the herbal aire vaporizer is pretty good for about $250. all vapir vaporizers are very poor quality, they leak alot.
  4. Thanks guys, after using my friend's volcano i am thinking of just waiting a little while and save up some money because that thing was unbelievable.
  5. i would say read up some reviews on the vapir one,it was only $130 on ebay very nice, odd shape, works awesome for me and its good all around
  6. I've got a Herbalaire H2.1

    I'd defiantly recommend it. As it can do both bags and whip, not to mention it works like a champ and is built well.
  7. Hey blunted hopefully i can help you out with some information. Just recently i was just like you and had about $200 to spend and i was looking for a easy to use and quality vaporizer. After doing my research and looking at many youtube videos like this...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Vapor Brothers Vaporizer: The Basics...[/ame]
    (His channel also has other good vapor brothers videos.)

    I figured out what i wanted. after i was done looking up and comparing all the vaporizers that i picked out within my price range i figured that the vapor brothers or VB was the vape for me. some of the things i liked most about it was how compact it was, the overall box style vape, no fans so it wont be making loud humming noises while you toke, Hands free, the heating element is 100% natural ceramic material , how quick it heats up (by the time your done grinding and packing your bud it will be ready for use), the whip where you load the bud in holds enough so you can pass the whip around between 6 people, and last but not least it comes with a life time warranty and upgrade service ( this shows that it is professionally made and a reliable company).

    Also if you have about $200 to spend you can buy some extra accessories with the extra money you have left over because its only about $160.

    I decided to make this post because after my purchase of this VB vaporizer i wanted to show people that this is truly a quality product and company. Hopefully i can spread the word of VB vaporizers and more people can enjoy what i have.

    If you have any more questions please ask!
  8. Im new to this site but i hear vaporizors. Well i had bought a VAPORGENIE just recently and its really great and inexpensive. THe vapor genie is a vaporizer/pipe all in one. it contains an inert ceramic filter that filters all the nasty ash, tar u name it. it causes your contents to heat up to about 200-300 degrees ferenheit and then cools with air causing vapor. its hardly ever needs cleaning, it comes with a life time warranty, they give you free filters and mouthpieces its great. its costs 55 dollars with free shipping too.
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    I don't like to pin two products against each other, but I just can't understand why so many prefer VB over Da Buddha when they are the same price and clearly the DBV is superior.

    The DBV uses a superior heating element. At the very least, they tell you what it is made of, unlike the VB.
    Superior Ceramic Heating Element

    Next, aluminum > wood. Why would you want a wooden box vaporizer when for the same price you can have a better product, more durable as well because it's made out of ALUMINUM, which won't have any heat problems (like wood) and stays cool to the touch even after the vaporizer has been on for DAYS.

    While there are many more reasons, I will end with the fact of the angles. Why would you want to have a downward sloping angle for something that holds your herb when you can have a flat, non sloping angle, in which you never have to worry about the herb falling out of the whip.

    Now, do I also need to mention the generosity of 7th Floor, makers of DBV. It begins with a free gift, a heavily padded and durable case for your DBV and all accessories. Next, there customer service is great and talking to them on the phone is very easy. Finally, there pricing and shipping are very reasonable and fast.

    Sorry if this seems like a rant, but it's just frustrating to see EVERYONE on this forum end up with a inferior product when they can have the superior product for the SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY. In fact, when considering the case + all the superior features, the intrinsic value of the DBV is above the $160 price tag.


  10. Nicely put +rep
  11. VaporBros

    And use the search button
  12. Well norcalstoner you have some very good points.

    First off i would like to say that the whole subject of Aluminum > Wood is a personal preference. Its funny how you say that you can leave it on for days and it will feel cold to the touch because i just had this just happen to my VB. I lent it to my friend for the night and the next dayi came to pick it up. he got so high he forgot to turn it off before he left so it was on for the whole night. The next say when i came to pick it up i found it on and wood box itself wasnt hot. I picked it up and put it right into my backpack and left. Also the wood is structuraly sound and looks better in my opinion becuase i have the dark version of the vape.

    As for the angle of the vape and whip i dont find it a problem as long as i pack it down gently it works perfectly fine. so i dont see a problem there.

    The way you explained things The DBV sounds like a great vap or alternitive to the VB. i think it just comes down to a personal prefrance. Im sure of you did a blind test of the vapes and you didnt know which one you were inhaling from you couldnt tell if it was your DBV or VB.
  13. yea i would agree the volcano is definitely the best vape

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