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Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Bombard, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Hi all. I am looking to purchase a vaporizer but know nothing about them. Are there brands that use regular weed or are they only used with wax?
  2. How's it going,

    I will do my best to give you a brief education on vaporizers and then you can do some more research on what will work for you.

    Portables: Portable vapes are powered by either battery (fully rechargeable), butane or a torch. A majority of portables use a rechargeable battery. Some do only cannabis flower (regular weed), some do only concentrates and some do both.

    upload_2018-4-16_8-55-1.jpeg Pax 3

    upload_2018-4-16_8-55-21.jpeg MFLB

    Some popular portables are the Pax (the Pax 3 does both flower and concentrate), the mighty/crafty, and the Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB - cheapest option, but definitely a learning curve.)

    Pens: Pens are generally for wax only, you pack your wax in an atomizer and hit a button and inhale to vaporize the wax, though many end up burning the wax. I use a puffco when I am on the go but like to keep my hash oil for dabbing.

    Desktop Vaporizers: These vaporizers plug directly into the wall for power. Are you going to be using your vaporizer mostly at home, or mostly on the go? This is the biggest question you need to answer. I vape both and home and on the go, so I have a desktop unit for home and a portable for on the go.

    There are a lot of different options in the desktop vaporizer market. I'll list some pros and cons of the vapes I have experience with:

    VaporBros: Whip Style vape where you place a glass wand on the heating element and inhale through the tube to vaporize the cannabis. This was my first vape and worked like a charm for years and was affordable, sold it to a friend when I wanted to upgrade and he still uses it, over 10 years old now.

    Arizer Extreme Q: The jack of all trades, master of none vape. This is a vape that has both whip style and bag filling options, is affordable, but doesn't do whip hits as well as the VaporBros, and doesn't do bags nearly as well as the Volcano (we will get to that later)

    Life Saber Vaporizer (LSV): This is a direct draw vape with a mainly glass vapor path, pack your ground flower into the end of the wand, put it in the unit then draw straight from the glass wand for dense flavorful hits. This vape really shines with vapor bonging as well, probably it's best use. I still have my LSV and use it occasionally, although the direct vapor path can be a little hot so make sure you don't get the shorty wand.

    Volcano: The Cadillac. The Volcano is a bag style vape that uses forced air over your cannabis to full a bag with vapor which is then inhaled through their nice closing valve system. I recommend the volcano only to more experience vape users, those who vape in as group often, or those with a very high tolerance. It is one of the most expensive vapes on the market at about $480 but I wouldn't trade my volcano for anything. I can usually get 4 bags off one pack of about .3 and if I vape all the bags myself I am ripped and melted into the couch.

    That should be a good start. For more education, check out fuckcombustion.com, plenty of info on vapes and vaping
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  3. They have a variety of vaporizers available with attachments for practically everything. You just need to take the time and do some research. Hit up Leafly articles, Google, I believe grasscity has a YouTube that reviews Vapes and whatnot as well. The mflb, and the pax are two that come highly recommended. Good luck on your search. Sorry I can't be more help
  4. Ok thanks for the info
  5. By regular weed the term you want to using to find the answers for vapes is "dry herb" that will probably be helpful in finding vapes that do what you want
  6. Thank you Wilflet
  7. Look at a Dynavap. I just got one and it’s much better than my G-Pen Pro and Elite. It’s much, much better. They are having a lot of sales, and 20% off for 4/20. I have the 2018 M. It’s great, but I’m going to upgrade it.

    Save yourself a lot of time and money. The cheap battery vaporizers have been awful to me.

    For the big $$$ portables I really want a Firefly 2, or a Storz and Bickel Mighty. Still no rush, I am really enjoying my Dynavap. Oh, it’s also amazingly efficient.

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  8. I just purchased the Linx Gaia some time back and am loving it. It is for dry herb.

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  9. Ok great. Thanks for the info.

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