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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DenaliXero, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. What all do you need to smoke a a vaporizer? Because I know you can't just "light it" with a lighter how you would with a bong.

    Also, how Much for a decent vaporizer, and which types are good. I am a noobie, so specifications would help.
  2. A decent vape will start about 200

    There are heating elements inside. Much like an electric oven. No flame.

    All you need is:
    The vape of course
    The weed of course
    A grinder
    Electricity or butane to power the vape
    Your lungs to inhale.
  3. All vaporizers vary in how they do this but you are basically just heating the weed up hot enough to release the THC without actually combusting it.

    What's your price range?
  4. Max 100, I know probably won't find a good one. It's just it would be so much easier, sneakier and better. And that cheap of a range because I don't do it a lot.
  5. You have to check out the mflb appreciation thread!
  6. Mflb is a toy.
    Save your money
  7. Really not worth it? If it gets me high, then I'm happy.
  8. Pack of papers will get you high too
  9. Read up on MFLB. I have an arizer solo for $160 and it hits like a tank so if you could save a little more that would be a good option too.
  10. Solo is a good buy.
  11. Guess ill have to just buck up one pay cheque and get it.
  12. It will pay for itself in consumption savings. :D
  13. Good point.
  14. There are heating elements inside.[​IMG]
  15. Well I asked about the heating question because there are vapor pipes, like the vaporgenie. And I hears that's not heated manual ans you need a pin?

  16. With the vapor genie, you have to use a lighter in order to heat the weed, a very simple vaporizer but not gonna produce the quality of the Arizer Solo. I would say you save up for a Solo :D

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