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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Joedahoe, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hat do they taste like? How do they hit? What's a cheap portable one? What are the benefits?
    Just askin.
    Thanks in advance blades.
  2. Taste is above all other methods of use. Hit smoother, a lot smoother, google, google.
  3. As for cheap portable-
    Vaporgenie (20ish-65 dollars, depending on model). I just ordered one of these. Should be here late this week/early next week.
    Magic Flight Launch Box (100ish USD)
    Iolite (not too sure about price, somewhere around 200 maybe?)
  4. Is the mflb worth it?
  5. Hat do they taste like?
    They taste good. like actual weed. Like weed that's taking a shower.

    How do they hit?
    Slowly at first, moderately the first week. After that gradually better and better.

    What's a cheap portable one?
    I'd go with the Vapostar.

    What are the benefits?
    Less coughing, better lung capacity, more awake when not stoned, less "hanging out" for it when not stoned, ability to make post-vape edibles that knock you on your ass.
  6. Your questions asked and answered in the link in my signature, the fuckin MFLB my friend, the fuckin MFLB:smoke:

  7. some people will tell you it is, some will tell you it isnt.

    I just got mine, and I dont understand the people claiming they don't get high off of it. If you invest in some powerex 2700 batteries and learn how to hit it right, i can guarantee it will get you ridiculously high. I vaped two trenches and couldn't move. I think it is a worthy investment. I vaped in the middle of my friends room, and his mom walked in halfway through the sesh and didn't mention anything. I think it's awesome.

    If you have the money, I'd say go for it. Just be sure to research ahead of time and see if it's what you want.
  8. Im actually baked on my vaporizer right now. Id buy a Da Buddha or Silver Surfer Vaporizer depending on budget.
  9. I started using Da Buddha around christmas time. I should have gotten one earlier. Been tokin for about 40 years
  10. Thanks for all the answers everyone. The vapostar looks the most appealing to me... I've hear good things about Buddhas.
  11. [quote name='"Joedahoe"']Hat do they taste like? How do they hit? What's a cheap portable one? What are the benefits?
    Just askin.
    Thanks in advance blades.[/quote]

    They taste just like the weed smells if it's a good vaporizer.

    If it's a good vaporizer, they hit incredibly well, and will get you far higher.

    A cheap portable one is the MFLB. I do NOT recommend you go any cheaper, as you will not get a quality vape. The MFLB still won't hit as hard as some other vapes, but it still functions quite well, and has all the benefits of a vaporizer while being very very portable.

    Benefits to vaping - Combustion destroys upwards of 30% of the actives in cannabis in comparison to a vaporizer. The level of efficiency is in no comparison to smoking. You will get higher off less cannabis. The content of vapor is very high in THC and other actives, with no carcinogens, tar, or anything else whatsoever, unlike smoke. It's quite a bit easier on the lungs and throat. Thick vapor hits or clouds are still very achievable, and because of their dense content of actives they can get you very high. Also, depending on the type of vaporizer, it can also vape kief or hash.
  12. Well everyone pretty much answered your question. But as goes the portable vapes. the MFLB is probably the best in the 100 range, and then on amazon for 200 is the iolite wispr which most rating websites on portables says its the best out there. (for portables)

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