Vaporizers suck

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  1. i love my silver surfer vaporizer, its the shit i get so baked from it and anybody who says vaping sucks isnt doing it right or has a shitty vape or ur smoking reggie end of story. and u can smoke in ur house without it smelling like dank
  2. You don't know how to vape or yours is shitty
  3. You used it wrong and your stupid. Facts.

  4. You turn down bonghits?

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    Its because the vape high is different to a smoking high. Vaping leaves you high and happy but able to function and concentrate, its a clear headed high and provides more creativity than smoking for me, and im more relaxed.

    Smoking gets you fucked up and couch locked, more lazy etc.

    Vaping gets you high, smoking gets you stoned.

    What i have noticed though:
    Vaping the weed to a light brown will give you the vape high.
    If you dont like this and wanna feel the less clear headed high similar to smoking, keep vaping and maybe turn it up and heat it to dark brown/black: Perhaps thc or cbn has a higher heating point? This is just my experience with my weed though.

    Forgot to add that vaping in the day doesnt leave you burnt out like smoking does. Also im amazing at games after vaping but can barely focus if im fucked up stoned.
  6. I really like the e-pen but it's not designed for flowers sadly. So I was thinking about vaporblunt but haven't read much about them, a desktop vape seems to be the best purchase if looking for the best experience. I can get a volcano for a few bills on CL

  7. so because it is a different high .. all vaporizers suck. cool bro

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