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  1. lol i only put 20$ towards it
  2. LOL ??

    While I can get on board that the MFLB with the battery only produces weak hits, the power adapter makes this device a desktop vape. My friend has a Da Buddha and I've used it and completely prefer my power adapted MFLB. Different strokes I guess.
  3. I don't think anyone else would try a da buddha and prefer the mflb+pa still.
    Some people like Huge smooth hits and a vaporizer that is already at a set temperature and doesn't need to warm up for 15 seconds before it starts hitting good.
    No matter how hard you try you cannot get the headrush a da buddha will give you from the mflb+pa.

  4. CRZ FTW!!! :hello: I love both my log vapes. They are so inconspicuous, beautiful, super efficient and get you ripped. Plus you can use essential oils with them.

  5. As other people have pointed out- vaping is not for everyone. I've owned vapes like the volcano, SSV, vaporgenie(worst), mflb and currently own an extreme Q. I never vape if I'm trying to get high. Vaping is more of a clear efficient high, again different for other people. My friend gets super lit off of a few whip hits, but I just get that nice chilled out vibe. It's just different than smoking, at least for me.

    But honestly, flowers are just shit now. I would go for the pure dabbing experience and get a TI nail/skillet and a nice oil rig. Super smooth/pure, much tastier and powerful dabs are the way to go.
  6. That will be my next vape for sure.
    Dabs are nice and all but us vaporists get such a nice and relaxing body stone from vaping that it is just my favorite way to medicate.
    I took like 5 dabs last night and it wasn't until I took 3 vapor hits that I was where I wanted to be.
    That relaxing stone flowers gives you is just the best.
  7. Do me a favor and try this technique the next time you vape using your MFLB.

    Hold the button for 3 seconds, then inhale once every other second for 30-35 seconds, making sure not to combust. This is how I always hit my vape, and it produces big clouds of vapor. Maybe you're just not hitting it right? I usually vape a few hours before work, then eat something and then clock in and I'm still feeling lit for hours while I'm working. It's a very functional high, but definitely a head rush.
  8. Haha sounds more like indica vs sativa.
    But damn man I can't even touch buds anymore. Tried to take a rip of some really chronic purple my friend had the other day out of my mobius matrix... man shit was nasty. Sure did get me high as fuck, but damn the taste is just... damn. But hey it was a hell of a lot better in the Extreme Q, haha.
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    I have had my LB for over two years I think I know how to hit it
    :rolleyes: when you say its a functional high its because you are getting very little vapor, I never said you don't get a headrush what I said was you will never get the same headrush you get from something like a da buddha from the launch box even with the power adapter.
    There is a HUGE difference
    The oil was from the same buds so the indica vs sativa doesn't really matter the vapor is a completely different high.
    I can function better on dabs but vapor rips get me fucked up.
    The body high you get from dabs is nothing compared to vapor.
  10. Haha for sure then, just proved my point - Vaping is def not for and different for everyone.
    I feel like I can't function at all when I take dabs, I get super fucking stoned and locked down. But I feel like vapor hits only provide that calming, relaxing feeling. The body high, well honestly haven't experienced too many body highs and they were only from really powerful edibles a long time ago.
  11. You didn't get super stoned lockdown or whatever you wanna call it from a full bowl in a silver surfer?

  12. chill out man.... whats up your ass? your da buddha?
  13. I like to vape a small bit, then pack a bowl and smoke that. This gives a nice high
  14. Nah, SSV or even the digital volcano never got me that high. I used to pack much more than what was recommended as well. Club quality chronic at least half a gram ground up into a volcano would last about an hour high and during that, the high would be quite weak. BUT I have never been as relaxed, vapor just makes me feel so chill. It's def good for work, school, or just general relaxing but when I want to get STONED I just can't achieve it with a vape.

  15. Yeah this is pretty dumb.
    You know vapes can cause combustion right? Meaning they can get hot enough to start fires, they can certainly get hot enough to release CBDs.

    I have a love/hate relationship with these threads.
    I enjoy seeing the silly nonsense (like what's quoted above) and I like seeing people get all riled up but I hate how ignorant people choose to be.

    It's a fucking preference.

    People say blunts suck, people say joints suck, people say dry pipes suck, people say vapes suck. Fine. You can say whatever you want, but what you say is only true to you.

    Why bash on someone's method of getting high, provided it's safe and healthy?
    It's not like you can ever convince a vaporist that they aren't getting high if that is what they firmly believe (not to mention, they ARE getting high).

    I don't smoke blunts, papers or dries but I wouldn't go so far as to say they suck, it's just not what I prefer for my own reasons.

    There's a reason vaporizers sell....

  16. Spreading information so people know which vape to get.
    Next time ignore my post if you don't like it:wave:
  17. ^true dat

    I feel its more productive to offer advice to make the experience more pleasant than just troll soooo, try checking out the makers site. Like MF has a whole 20 FAQs about how to make it fit the high you want. You can really make vapes do about what ever you want from plumes to stealth to light THC hits. Ive had my MFLB for 3 days and with the same herb vaped it different ways for different experiences just from advice from the MF site. Theres a reason temperature control gets added to vapes, you can choose lower temps to avoid cbd's and get more thc. If you a couch lock type of guy go for heat. If you need to function keep the heat low.

    Unless your heating element is crapped out you are guaranteed to get something. It might take a bit to hit but for someone like me who wants a clear high, its worth it.
  18. I have a DBV and I love it. I also have a HiSi GonG diffused bong, pre cooler/ash catcher combo and I love it, too.

    The vaporizer is much healthier, but it extracts different compounds at different rates. In other words, vaporizers tend to peel apart the components of the weed, one chemical at a time. The first vapor is light and fresh and tasty, but the subsequent vapor is tastes toasted. By the time it gets dark brown, it doesn't taste good at all, to me.

    The bong, when lit with a Hakko, gives me more of the full-spectrum flavor that I prefer from weed. I am old school and I was acclimated to the taste of smoke, not vapor. Although the nice, specific cleanness of vapor has its place from time-to-time, I'm probably always going to prefer smoking from a proper smoking device.

    Also, there is something about the way it feels when the bowl of a bong hit clears and you get that rush of air. I have yet to check out vapor bongs, so I'll reserve my final statements on this subject for later. As of now, I prefer the bong hit experience to the vapor experience
  19. I've used my friends mflb with the power adapter, and while I had a great time, its definitely not the same as my silver surfer. Just saying..

    And a vape doesn't "peel" one chemical at a time unless you set it up for the express purpose of doing that (ie slowly turning up the temp).

    I get blasted when I vape. Smoking is not only not preferred, it physically can't boost me to that awesome level. My vape always does.

    Honestly its of no consequence to me what other people choose. I don't care if other people prefer smoking. But facts are also facts, and regardless what experience you prefer, vaping gets you more of every good thing in cannabis. Thc, cbd, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

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