Vaporizers suck

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  1. [quote name='"tokesmoke69"']I agree with OP vaping sucks, not even close to as good of a high as smoking[/quote]

    I don't know why there's so much hate on the vaporizers. I own a extreme q vaporizer and I love it. It's such a nice clean smoke and while I still hit the bong sometimes I do really enjoy my vaporizer. You need to start experimenting with temperatures and such to see what you like, because you can definitely save bud and money by using a vaporizer.

  2. Maybe its because you got a shitty vape, man.

    You are completely wrong.
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    My vape (mflb) doesn't get hot enough to get all the cbd unless you vape until its black. I never do that the last hits are nasty and it wastes the battery. Smoking gets all the cbd and thc quickly no matter what ash doesn't leave behind any of the good stuff. I vape for stealth and when I have work or class but the smoking high is why I love weed. I vaped for 2 weeks straight and something felt off it wasn't as good as smoking ever since I always notice a huge difference in smoking highs and vaping highs. It's not because the tar and carcinogens.
  4. Thats why I told you you shoudln't have gotten the MFLB.
    If you would've gotten a vape that produces more VAPOR, you wouldn't touch your pipe or bong.(for smoking)
  5. Oh well once I start working again (soon) I'll get the power adapter.

  6. If your ABV is black that means combustion occurred, which can be harmful for the MFLB. Having a quality desktop vape makes all the difference. I do not even smoke anymore. The higher temp you vape at the more CBD you get. It is more satisfying than smoking.

  7. Well listen to me this time?
    I have a power adapter, it doesn't make it all that much better.
    Get a part time job, and get a desktop vape for goodness sakes.
    Experience the high you deserve.
    The mflb is so harsh and with the power adapter its twice as harsh.
    I wish I would have saved the 65 bucks towards my da buddha.
    nanners I think if he combusted he would know immediately.:p
    Black doesn't mean combustion white ash does.(and smoke of course)
    I can vape my weed till its black but its so nashty.

  8. If you want something comparable to smoking the mflb is the wrong vape to use. The mflb's best feature is stealth, it's not known as a heavy hitter. I highly suggest a quality desktop vape.
  9. I'd love to but I'm a point in my life where I'm going do be doing a lot of moving in the next 5 years and I can't get anything big, I don't have a bong for that reason that's why I went for the mflb. Are you positive the power adapter sucks? Have you tried a whip?
  10. [quote name='"tokesmoke69"']

    You idiot you don't get any cbd when you vape, that's why you don't feel a couchlock. CBD is only produced when burned.[/quote]

    Do your research before spouting nonsense. CBDs activation point is very close to THC and most other cannabinoids. A vaporizer easily gets them without going too hot. With a lighter you destroy 30%+. Don't call people idiots when you clearly know litte about vaping.

  11. :confused:
    I owned it for over a year.
    Am I sure?
    Log vapes are inconspicuous and small as the mflb+pa.
    Come on bro.
    theres no point to the whip with the launch box you get so little vapor.

  12. Actually, CBD, THC, and all other cannabinoids found in Cannabis are all released at different temperatures. Without combustion, you won't get all of the CBD but the higher the temperature you vape at, the more CBD you'll get.
  13. Yeah but I always ruin my batteries that's why I wanted the PA. A big vape won't be an option for atleast 2 years.
  14. I mean to be very real there is only ONE vaporizer that ever made me think about switching and it was the Volcano original and digit...but really, im not down to spend 700 dollars on a converted heat gun and I definitely have the money. I bought a vapor bros a while back, ended up giving it away...idk nothing beats a really good joint to me and ive been smoking for a decade if your throat or lungs cant take it, take a t break.
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    You are right, this thing is HUGE
    Ruin your batteries? I have been using the same ones for like 2 years and I haven't had a problem or noticed them running any worse.
  16. Like hesophoros said, you really don't know what your talking about

    A quality vape with good herb gets me where I want to be in a pinch. I need at least three bowls to get where I need to be with smoking.

    Get a vape that actually is decent, and not a converted sautering iron and I am sure you will change your tone. I've switched entirely over to vaporizing since it is simply the most efficient way to get my meds.

  17. You just said it gets so harsh...........

  18. I have tried the whip its wierd and it isn't like a WHIP vaporizer so you can't just pull fast and get a hit, and its easy to combust cause you cannot feel exactly how much vapor you are getting.
    Anything else?
  19. I think alot of the people who bad mouth vapes are often times incredibly missinformed or had bad experiences (i.e. used shitty vapes or don't know what their doing)..I use the SSV every single day and there is no doubt in my mind it gets me as stoned as smoking ever did.

    Vaporization is a fucking art!! :cool:
  20. i think you guys just dont know how to vape, i love mine and i love gettin blasted in a whole different way.

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