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vaporizers??? need advice!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by borocityrollers, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. ok... so i've been looking to buy a new piece, since my last two glass bowls have been broken. my girlfirend likes to be high but hates the smoke part. i've been trying to learn more about vaporizers. i came across one for like $99 that looked alright. if anyone has tried one, i would really appreciate your opinion or advice on what you think of them. are they worth it or do they really work. thanks.
  2. You can actually make a vapo for less than $10 dollars, prolly less than five.


    There ya go dude. If you search the forums there's a decent ammount of people who've tried it and all. I'm not sure about the commercial vapos but people seem to love the things so there must be a reason right? Good luck and happy tokin' :)
  3. i've made 2 vaporizors now. the first one i made out of a lightbulb by following those instructions. it worked ok. it broke though, so i made a new one. this time i didn't use a lightbulb, i went to the hardware store and bought this glass thing that was like a jar only with a rounded bottom that was supposed to be an outdoor light fixture i think. anyway. it works great. i would definetly recommend making one and seeing how you like it before you go out and spend 100 bucks on a slick commercially made one.

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