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Vaporizers - high level

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jcurtis, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Hey there folk
    I'm gonna be quick to the point. Can vaporizers get you as high as say, a bong? I am thinking of buying a Plume pax vape which seems to be popular and looks dope to me (opinions on that welcome too). I just want to make sure I can still get as ripped with a vape as i would with a bong. I tried a magic flight box a few times and found that i didnt get quite as high as I usually did. 
    Thanks  :smoke:

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    Yes, but the bigger hits you take, the higher you get. Taking big hits is alot easier when the vapor is filtered through water, such as a bong or bubbler. The hot temperature gets a bit uncomfortable during sessions without any water, that's why I suggest vaporbonging. :bongin:
    Edit: And the MFLB didn't get me nearly as high as my bong either..get a better vape. Any of the vapes from 7th floor are great (DBV, SSV, LSV) - I just recently got the Pinnacle Pro with the water attachment and I love it. It's a portable one like the pax but it has a water tube that you can use when you're home. Here's my thread about it -
    MFLB takes alot of practice to get it right. You can get cloudy hits out of one, but there is a technique to it. Most other vaporizers don't require a technique, it's just turn it on, let it heat up, then start hitting it.
    If you are interested in buying a vape, the best advice I can give you is do as much research as you can before buying it. If not, you might not be satisfied with the one you chose.
  3. any portable vape will deliver smaller hits than a bong. A pax will deliver small hits similar to a mflb, probably a bit bigger than the mflb.
    A high end desktop vape could get you high as fast as a bong, but it will still feel different since vapes give you a more clear-headed high.
  5. Thanks for the info man, I will check it out for sure. Since you're here, I had another question. How bad do vapes in general smell? I want a vape so I can burn without ever getting caught for smell. Preferably I want to be able to use it in my college dorm without worry. 
  6. It still leaves a distinct odor. Portable vapes smell less than desktop vapes. But vapor dissipates quickly and does not linger like smoke does
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    Seems like filtering it through the water might reduce some of the smell a bit..I used to notice a bit of smell after using my DBV (not filtered through water) - after I started using the bubbler attachment, I don't really notice much smell, but the piece I'm using as a bubbler starts to accumulate some residue after awhile, and you can smell it if you put your nose by it. Maybe the water is filtering out some of the smell? (possible)
    If you have dank ass weed out, it's going to smell like dank ass weed, be careful with that because the smell lingers like a motherfucker in a room. Buy some ozium to spray in case of emergencies, it always works. You can always use a sploof (homemade) or smoke buddy ($10 online) to exhale through, both of those would work fine. Smell isn't as much of an issue with vaping as smoking, but you still have to be careful.And if you didn't know, the best way to store your weed is in an airtight mason jar.
    Edit: If you're getting big clouds out of your vape, you need something to counteract the smell. Lower temperatures produce no clouds, and hardly any smell at all. I can use my portable on the lowest temperature setting in the same room as non-smokers and no one even knows that I'm vaping unless I tell them what it is.

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